Monday, August 31, 2009

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away.

This is from this past Saturday. Weather was already crazy hot (keeping in mind that we only get a handful of 'hot' summer days) and that to us fog-spoiled SFettes, means around 70°-80°s. Anyhow, the sun was out and in its full splendor and glory at 7am.
I had a dentist appointment at 8am and you if you wonder why so early: The earlier I get done, the sooner I get to drink my coffee, you see. & no one gets hurt. ♥OKthanks
saturday sunrise
Saturday sunrise

Morning of the teeth monsters.
I love my dentist, asides being the best and having feather-like hand craftiness:
• She always tells me to bring my bike in (which is super nice of her but, I object thus, the place is uber-super small)
• She tells me I have no cavities
• She wears dr. martens

twigs y frenchie.
the new sculpture in the octavia/hayes corridor

quad. cavity-free celebration.


With Love From: New Orleans

Thanks so much to Dominic for sending this photo of a cool sign!! ♥Frenchie love

"Snapped this picture for you on Oak st. in New Orleans.
I know it is of very poor quality but all I had with me to take it at the time was my cell phone."


Reader Chester shares: A blog from a little indie cycling-focused clothing company called Osloh. Seems to mostly be taken up by photos of random, stylish cyclists they run across. (The blazers look awfully cool.)
- - - - - - -

acronyms are different but the keen sassy eye of the Stevil Canibal
Kenival remains as fresh as mudd off your bike. Pffft - go visit

All Hail the Black Market

Ice cream and cake

I dont like chocolates & I dont like ice cream. I only eat ice cream when other friends are super eager to do so. Why not, Im flexible.

spare bike, spare time, spare fun

BBBBUTTTTT right now Im f*ing loving this commercial. **RAD**

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday - now, let's go ride!!

Three trolls. Have been having tons of girls-times lately, so now it's time for the boys. marco is visiting from LA ;)
wish my arm was longer sometimes.
being able to hook up friends that have extra bikes with visiting peeps with each other is pretty cool.

Some things around the city.

Inside the beautiful flood building. Resolving tech issues

noon quad. blue bottle mint plaza

Mint plaza racks. Frenchie making friends with a super cute bleu bike

so dont buy a mustang...
just as i thought this would come out super dark, a car turned the corner, sweetness.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pushbike's Ladies Ride

The ladies are ready to ride.

I was happy to finally join the Pushbike's ladie's ride. I think is a great ride and it happens every two Thursdays or so, starting from 24th/Treat st. The route always changes and this time, we headed up the wiggle, out by the Lake st./Presidio side to kick it by that little cute lake, then returned via the Richmond and through the panhandle. Good weather and great pace along with bicycle ladies :)

Lynne's super cool pannier.

excuse us - we got a ride to start. Octavia/Market intersection is now overtaken by the ladies.

Arguello at geary.

hi ladies :)

hello plants

lake time

Somehow I always end up in the back. I enjoy checking out whats going on and taking my time.

Dark knight riders. North-east of golden gate park.
'Til next ride. It was lovely meeting/seeing you again/ chatting with you all. 'Til next time XO♥m

With love from: Malaysia

Thank you so much Khairul, for sharing this great picture!! This photo was taken in Kuala Lumpur
Greetings to all of you readers, bikes enthusiasts in Malaysia. Terima kasih!

I am from Malaysia and I've been following your blog. You have beautiful photos of bicycles and various locations of you beautiful city. We in Kuala Lumpur are still zillion years away from becoming a bicycle-friendly city :(
Attached is a photo of my Japanese-made roadster and my beautiful son.

Things and Thoughts on Tuesday: Waiting.

Waiting for the girls. Friday night drinks at Specs.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday street heaven.

This Saturday, the Mission's area of 25th & Folsom, converted itself into a food beautiful chaotic orchestra with a moving sea of people, a myriad punching smells going through your nose and your stomach really not knowing what to do with it all. The San Francisco Street Food Festival had an amazing turnaround, the vendors kept saying, was way more than they had expected. Great cause, excellent collab. If you missed it or found yourself impatient, don't worry - there will be more happening with our neighbors across the east bay soon:
"The festival is a sister event to the Eat Real Festival, which will be taking place in Oakland's Jack London Square August 28 through the 30, 2009."
But, that said it was worth the wait, I think so. We were very-very hungry by the time we were closer to ordering, but very enjoyable. It was a bummer though, that they ran out of whatever beer was meant to be sold (tickets were $5 each) and ended up replacing it with cans of budlight... Anyways.
There was also the lush bike love aka bike valet parking provided by the SF Bike Coalition. Swoon!!

A bientot!

Two seconds ago, there was the cutest chihuahua in the cutest pannier.

'almost' there... Okay this crowd, multiply it by 12. Peoplesesesesses

Worth the wait.
huarache de nopalitos con crema. 2x.
This above is from El Huarache Loco. I love nopales, & it had been awhile I hadn't had any huaraches (think of a thick tortilla 2x with beans in the middle) in a while and it is a sweet reminder to get out to the Alemany farmers market more often, which is where you can find them every Saturday.
Good times!

Post-food food.

Sounds insane, but after Street food fest, we were hungry for more... Well riding around, hangin out with friends, catching up with peeps, riding all over for coffee requires some major weekend nutrition. What can I say.

if street foods wasnt enough, we had to make a secondary lunch.
Apple goat cheese pizza a 2x americano and some good wired reads.
WHy is brad pitt everywherrrrreeeeeeee?!

Lately, the theme seems to be closed-eyes. Cloud we made with picnick.

So later in the afternoon, the coffee tank was running on E, so we stopped at Atlas Cafe. There was a cute trio singing. There's also bluegrass music every Thursday night, which I have not been in years, but having some pizza with live mellow music on Saturday was a treat. Cheers!

basket lane
Basket lane. 'Til next time ;D

Hambone in the interwebs part 2 & beautiful SF in the NYT

Just recently, I had posted a link to Lisa Marie's Hambone Designs in the media. Thanks for her comment-update, she informed me she was featured in the New York Times!! Wow so cool.
Go Hambone designs, and what a wonderful picture of our own very adorable fog city skyline (taken from Dolores Park) with a beautiful bicycle, Lisa Marie and one of her designs. ♥Ride on girlfriend!!

New York Times | On To Plan B: Starting a Business

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go places.

Taking a different route even within your area, is always interesting. Take a different approach, explore your city, leave your city, make new friends and take some pictures. Bring your bike. Happy weekend everybody!

My beloved.
Frenchie awaits for the next adventure - where to next?

Bikes of the north.

Thursday night at Cafe du Nord.

There were at least 10 bikes outside. Music, bikes, night fun.

A fafner, boys and a foggy music night.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: Sunflower sunrise

♥ I rise for coffee.

Butter outside the fridge doesn't go bad.

I so look forward to Wednesday nights. and Thursdays and Fridays. and on and on.
These shots are from Butterlap 2 weeks ago. Enjoy ;)

brooke's first butterlap!! – rad

brooke & jason /&runner, sprinklers and the golden gate bridge back there

Hi Brett :)

three giants! ayrrrrrrrrr

heading down towards cliff hill.

kelley/ when night falls - through golden gate park.

Photo del Dia: Night parking

hopefully not for the whole night.
Came across this parked pretty red schwinn /Larkin at Sutter