Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: Girlfriends

Babes, bikes, booze, baskets. Is it Friday yet!?!

Mixte-ing it up
/from last Friday night.


  1. luv the colour.. hi melissa.. how's life :)

  2. I think we should spend more time in front of that display. It endows us with way more cool points than we could amass, otherwise : )

  3. Love this photo, so chic. And remember, Thurs night is the best night to go out anyway!


  4. love your blog...wish I lived in SF...check out - biking and LA

  5. riezal/ all good, how you doin'?! :)

    ade/ Im in love with the lights, I could use a DJ as well

    mary jo/ thanks love!! oh with these lights u'll feel like its a party even on a monday he heee...

    bikeville/ THX! sweetness, go LA!

  6. so true AJ. there are so many great pics from that short time in front of the display that i can just imagine what else would happen with more time...:)


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