Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pushbike's Ladies Ride

The ladies are ready to ride.

I was happy to finally join the Pushbike's ladie's ride. I think is a great ride and it happens every two Thursdays or so, starting from 24th/Treat st. The route always changes and this time, we headed up the wiggle, out by the Lake st./Presidio side to kick it by that little cute lake, then returned via the Richmond and through the panhandle. Good weather and great pace along with bicycle ladies :)

Lynne's super cool pannier.

excuse us - we got a ride to start. Octavia/Market intersection is now overtaken by the ladies.

Arguello at geary.

hi ladies :)

hello plants

lake time

Somehow I always end up in the back. I enjoy checking out whats going on and taking my time.

Dark knight riders. North-east of golden gate park.
'Til next ride. It was lovely meeting/seeing you again/ chatting with you all. 'Til next time XO♥m


  1. i think i will just have to make it out in a couple of weeks. sounds nice.

  2. How lovely! I am stoked beyond belief to see a gang of girls ride together and enjoy it!

  3. ~ yes, super-cute pannier
    ~ yes, super-cute lake

    looks like much fun, and well-documented

  4. Nice post!

    WHERE DID LYNNE GET THAT PANNIER? I'm in the market, and am dying for something oh-so-similar to that! If I can have any info, I'd by totally stoked... Thanks in any case!

  5. looks so fun. will have to join soon too.

    i saw that pannier at REI just yesterday! they have it in the store or online. it's the Detour brand.

  6. looks super fun. will have to join soon too.

    i saw that pannier at REI just yesterday. you can find it in the store (they only had one though) or online. it's the Detour brand.

  7. It was totally fun. Great post Meli!

    - Alice

  8. hey all, thanks for the comments <3
    alice/ great meeting you too ;D

    and yes all you girls should join, I had fun! let's check out all those boys that bike by us wishing they could join our ride - pfffftttt

  9. Girls-only bike gang!! Yay that sounds so awesome and wonderful. I wish I could make it up one of these days to ride with you guys!


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