Tuesday, December 9, 2014

From mi eyes and out the window.

A window has observed and absorbed us, observing and absorbing life through it.

× Monday morning, on Burrows /SF.
I really enjoy stopping by this small quiet four barrel in portola once every couple/or few of months — however, I highly dislike that it doesn't have a restroom.

la luna, de coqueta × oh hai moon
The moon.
× moon me, home.
It makes its flirty bright rounds through the neighbors' fire escape. It really feels like someone put a new streetlight back there. Sometimes dogs are also seen, cats, random raccoons, but mostly the moon. Humans, not so much.

w/ wlmhsu ×
× light roast, on Polk street /SF.
The light through Saint Frank's coffee shop on Polk street this past Saturday. The day had been mostly overcast but the sun made an appearance for a bit. It's been great weather lately, I love the rainy days.

w/ wlmhsu :) HBD! ×
× Toast to the thirties, on Polk street /SF.
Mi friend William made it over to the better decade side (30+). We had breakfast with lots of hashbrowns with cheese. This is at Toast on Polk y Sacramento streets. The dish is call Hasbrown Hill or something but I like to call it Big Mountain of hashbrowns w/extra aguacado* (*meliism english: avocado+ spanish: aguacate)

felton, califas.
× Fog and trees /in Felton.
Quick trip to Felton, Ca in the Santa Cruz mountains last weekend. Taken from the passenger window.

SF Grill × 4th anniversary
× Balkan band by the window, on California street /SF.
SF Grill is KT's favorite place, and it is becoming mi fave place to tag along with her. Great staff. They celebrated their 4th anniversary last Saturday night with live Balkan band music. The small place was full of great characters. Everyone drank, talked, ate, hugged, danced all good things. We met new people from all walks of life, corners of the world and careers — our absolute favorite and the life of the party was Tito.
Thanks again KT for inviting me♥

los sharx en los altos cafecito spot :) × for butterbill
× Coffees at the Red Berry Coffee Bar /in Los Altos.
diana <3
Had coffee with the beautiful Diana in downtown Los Altos. Diana knows all the good cozy, local spots through the peninsula like no other. A few laptops around but mostly unpretentious and on the quiet side, this coffee shop had a bunch of beans from around roasters around the Bay. Nice staff too. It was exciting to try San José's Chromatic for the first time. In the words of my mom, the best part about going out for coffee, is the company. 

“life is a full-time job” ×
× After or before the rain /in Palo Alto.
Great windows at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Mi first time there, plan to visit sometime again.

gwsf ×
× the bar exam /somewhere in the city.
The morning rush will always be there, often it is a pleasant moment to find things that I haven't seen the hundredth time around.

muchos cooking books :)
× bookstore windows, on Fillmore street /SF.
Documenting bookstore windows is one of my fave things. books are my fave things. food is the best thing. I'm not a cook. There is a Peet's next to this window. That was the best thing at that moment. must repeat frequently, the documenting of bookstore windows. 

cafecito earlier today @snowbirdcoffee new spot en el inner sunset × great coffee, nice staff :)
× Sunset window, on 9th Avenue /SF.
Two Sundays ago went to Snowbird coffee on 9th Avenue (between Judah/Irving) to check it out for the first time with my mom. Somehow her and one of the barista were chatting it up in Spanish sharing their mutual joy of being two-sugar-cubes-in-their-lattes type of people :) 

× The end /SF.

“A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” 
× Mark Twain

Sunday, November 23, 2014

sunday fotos: two firsts

× Annie street
I had recently seen the SFPlanning dpt flickr pictures of the Annie street plaza opening off Mission street in the South of Market, which had its official opening night last week. It was pretty exciting to be within a block from Annie street earlier today, so I took a minute to go check it out.

annie ×
annie ×
annie ×
annie ×
annie ×
annie ×
pigeon butt

× Additional info and links are available via here: The Yerba Buena Community Benefit District.

international orange ×
Annie street is adjacent to the California Historical Society building, one of my favorite places :)

Sculptures at the Deloitte buidling.

san cranecisco
The under-construction Transbay terminal, many gigantic cranes everywhere.

earlier today × 545 mission street.
545 Mission street, this place is called the salt house, I think.

Hadn't walked around that area in quite some time.
All store fronts and buildings mostly quiet on a Sunday morning.

× Emperor Boozeland
yes ×

First time visiting since this historical building since the spot changed hands from its Deco days, place looks great and it is one of the cleanest restrooms I've seen at a bar. Got to chat with MK. The bartending crew & the VG are super cool on an early quiet Sunday afternoon. Perhaps becoming a good time of day to get a cold pint around town.
They retained the great curves and feel of it, with a current look. Would have never guessed that this place lets in any sunlight — it has great natural light … I liked it.
I'll definitely be back :)

earlier today w/mk<3 y vg & crew × ENBSF
earlier today w/mk<3 y vg & crew × ENBSF

Tomorrow back t the grind, and belly awaits for Thankgsiving festivities.
All images taken with my Nexus5 mobile device.


Friday, November 21, 2014

LOS EVENTS × Sat. 11/22 @sfbicycleexpo Cow Palace 11am-5pm

Tomorrow Saturday the good peeps @rideSFO /SFBike Expo do their annual thing. 
$5 10am-5pm. 
Cow Palace × 2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014
More details, boooths and brands here: sfbikeexpo.com 


Monday, November 3, 2014

Everyone is Dirty

Friday September 5th at the Rickshaw Stop, Hayes Valley.
Went to see my friend Will's band LI XI but got there after they played(!) They just released an album called Meet me somewhere and they are hitting some venues through the city.
All ages shows start rather punctual. Mi friend muffin came along and we had a beer and listened to some cool music alongside and happily outnumbered by teenagers on a Friday night.

Everyone is Dirty
The singer of Everyone is Dirty had silver sequin shorts :)

Sister Crayon
Closing band was Sister Crayon, first time seeing them live. This duo was fun to watch. Terra Lopez singing, hawt.

Have a nice day.

/Both shots are in manual mode SOOTC with the LX5. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Redwood City

redwood city walls

Redwood City time machine.
Cool building loved its doors.
It called my name from around the block.

Listed as a “Memorable Fire” in Redwood City Fire department's website: October 10, 1954 | Holmquist Hardware [source: redwoodcityFD]

Rudolph Holmquist …had Operated Hardware Store on Main St. 45 Years Before His Retirement in 1940 Mr. Holmquist, a native of Sweden, owned and operated the Holmquist Hardware Co. for 45 years before retiring in 1940 and turning the business over to a son, H. E. (Rowdy) Holmquist. Mr Holmquist established the firm in 1895 when he bought out T. J. McNamara. For two years the store was located on the west side of Main St., but in 1897 was moved to its present address at 875 Main St. [source]

this building called me.


Monday, October 27, 2014

not lost in the desert

not lost in the desert

Somewhere between the Yucca Valley and Palm Springs.
Taken with the LX5 from a moving rental car's passenger seat.
The kind of people you have things to talk by default if you meet on the road, a coffee pit stop or a 7-11.
Cool dudes.

not lost in the desert

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

macaroons y front.

is it the weekend yet?! here is a foto I forgot to share from last Saturday, had cafecito en Potrero Hill w/butterbill, he even brought macaroons! :D We met a nice gal visiting from Vancouver

♥ cafecito × (at @FrontSf in San Francisco, CA)

Monday, September 8, 2014

mucha música Monday: links sent y text alerts edition.

It has been a bit since last time I shared some música, so here we go:

× Janelle Monáe: Electric Lady
This is a very pop/happy song for my Darian taste, but so fun and light. Cheery is contagious, if you let it. lalalaaa ;) and I do love Janelle ♥

*H/T —via the fab LGRAB gals

× Li Xi, Everyone is Dirty & Sister Crayon
Last Friday I checked out both these bands at the Rickshaw Stop alongside hormones aka all-ages show.
It was great.
Big thank to my pal Mr. Cline for being rad and texting me that day as he would be in the band opening for them. Couldn't make it in time to see him work his magic a major psychedelic-musical ongoing crush via musical updates continues to develop.
This is his band Li Xi, hope to catch them again soon:

And these, also gal-driven bands, we got to see and they were just great.
I'll upload some fotos at some point:

× Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto
Had bookmarked this from something linking to this Vice article.

Sidenote: Anytime there is a Colombian event in the Bay, I really enjoy seeing those straw/with-the-black-lines hats, so cool!
party prep música
(Foto I took from Stern Grove 2009)

× Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)
This will be a great pre-meeting warm up. Or making coffee in the AM in your underwear, more realistically the monument being that fresh cup of coffe, am I right?

× Charles Lloyd – Manhattan Stories Mini-Documentary
On a jazz note, another great clip, I really love listening to history/facts in music:

× Boiler Room Collections: EGON
I was introduced to BoilerRoom just this year, I am a fan. Also on soundcloud
“Boiler Room set up shop in Egon’s office in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA as he digs through his own collection, playing a few records.”
I have had this bookmarked (clip is almost 2hrs) and have gone back to it since about June. Great listening, and viewing the LPs with liner notes peeking out. OH! :)
Enjoyed quite a bit the DJ notes here and there where each band was from when available.

*H/T two clips above — via long time blog reader+twitter pal always sharing great links @dirtycyclist

× William Onyeabor: Atomic Bomb
This is from end of year 2013 and just getting a hold of this, they played here back in May.
What a nice melody. This will be a great soundtrack to mid-afternoon workdaze navigations this week. What do you think?

× Melissa Aldana
A 21 year old saxon great young woman from Chile, now based in NY.
The interview is in Spanish but the CC translates, if you are interested. I think she is awesome.

× Phillip Glass: In the upper room Dance No.9
Endless emails? Long meetings? Jam to this. All the cosmic to your desk will gather and join team caffeine :)

*H/T three clips above — via my fabulous friend Nina.

× Bike To The Future (Quest science | PBS)
This isn't a music video, but it is like the Jetsons! The future is here.
Would you ride one? I'd love to one day visit North Carolina.

*H/T — sent by reader Dave H. of unctv.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

One Word – Solo photography show by Ade.

felicidades y congratulations to mi amiga Ade for her solo b+w photography show at CCSF Visual Arts gallery last night “One Word.”
I got there a bit towards the end, and got some quick snaps, her photographs were a great narrative of what you wanted them to be. Just beautiful b+w pieces with great one word as titles.
Her BYOB (metrofiets aka ballena) made an appeance and was her gallery on the go for the yummy wine/snacks served at the CCSF Camera Obscura gallery. Love u, SO proud of ya!

¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
there is no app to find your friends, either follow the noise or the signs. or this one :)
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
¡♥! × Adrienne's solo b+w photography show: “one word”
this sign is from an adjacent gallery (with small robotic-like objects)

CCSF | City College: Visual Arts Building
CCSF | City College: Visual Arts Building
CCSF | Visual Arts building.

Just wanted to share some quick mobile-uploaded images from the gallery :D
big congrats again Ade! ♥

/All fotos above taken w/Nexus LG mobile apparatus.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cambria, CA.

MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
I've never given for granted my proximity to smelling and seeing the Pacific Ocean. Often times this becomes a palpable essence, in particular when speaking with east coasters or new pals I meet from various regions in the country. I consider myself lucky to just get to the ocean when the world hurts. News, and what we as humans are capable of doing to each other, is infuriating. Heading to the ocean, may feel at least to me, like the least one can do to seek a moment of perspective, quiet, and solitude – even for just a couple of minutes.

I love this abundant body of water so much and deeply appreciate the ocean's strong foundation it has within me, it has witnessed highs and lows. Constantly influencing a patient and respectful approach to the everyday.
It listens to questions that may not have an answer, conversations only heard by the ocean breeze.

Throughout my twenties the bicycle was the peace of mind I sought after on a daily basis, but the peacefulness that nature provides, in particular its lifelong dose of sea layer, has intensified and thus placed itself on a different mental category in the last couple of years.

As in life, one may get to know the ocean's tide patterns, get comfortable.
But it is rather wise to not be easily fooled and underestimate its power.

Do you have any special place from your home state (or your adopted one) that receive your constant admiration? Would love to hear it, if you'd like to share.

My native coastal Baja+Californian pride continues to extend – If at all possible :)
Have a great week ahead.

MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosaMELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa

/ The Pacific Ocean: fotos above from the weekend in Cambria (and first visit!) alongside a group of great gals. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

windows y sidewalks

geary street
Neiman Marcus store with cool window paper/patterns on Geary street. In the two seconds it took me to capture this, a young tourist teenager went around me in order to not get in the way :)
I was going to wait for Muni but instead did a nice walk around downtown on a Sunday afternoon. Was not too crazy.

colorful window no.2
colorful window no.1
Sidewalk colorful sightings in Laurel Heights.

adams point en oakland.
Adams point en Oakland.

in good company w/bike dudes y young skater
Bart window. I was sitting near two young men, one had a beat up skate and the other was halfway holding his bike and eating a snack. His bike had a large basket and his super size messenger bag was 3x bigger than his slim body.

Each time Bart emerges in the East Bay from the long mystery pitch black bay tunnel of anxiety, I look down and nod to the one intersection I fell flat on my face SO hard while riding my friend Yaeger's bike over a decade ago in west Oakland, luckily no semi trucks were around those big empty boulevards… I wrecked his front wheel. I didn't have a cell phone. I walked from there to Broadway and stopped at a gas station to eat a donut and a warm gatorade. The gal working there had really long neon green nails. It was one long Saturday morning.

Tuesday, July 8th.
National anthem. Tuesday, July 8th at the Coliseum.

“go easy EH” :D ♥
Deli board on Folsom. Great sandos.

burger for KT. beer para mi.
burger for KT. beer para mi.
Bistro SF has two 21st amendment beers on draft, and Anchor Steam. Nice!

Familia Sunday lunch, pizza time in San Anselmo.

girls day out :) w/muffin y qeli.
Saturday lunch y walk around Lake Merrit/Grand with Muffin y Qeli.

Roam burgers
Roam burgers back in June. Great burgers for meat lovers and veggies alike, beer. Big open windows. Usually crowded, but not too bad.

wheelchair ramp yellows. exploratorium yellows.
Window pixels at Howard and Moss. I really like looking at those windows.
This is a previous shot from 2012 (foto of a foto) on film, tmax 100:

All images, except this b+w above, taken with mi device phone, called Nexus 5.
OK that is all, hope your Tuesday is going well.