Tuesday, July 15, 2014

windows y sidewalks

geary street
Neiman Marcus store with cool window paper/patterns on Geary street. In the two seconds it took me to capture this, a young tourist teenager went around me in order to not get in the way :)
I was going to wait for Muni but instead did a nice walk around downtown on a Sunday afternoon. Was not too crazy.

colorful window no.2
colorful window no.1
Sidewalk colorful sightings in Laurel Heights.

adams point en oakland.
Adams point en Oakland.

in good company w/bike dudes y young skater
Bart window. I was sitting near two young men, one had a beat up skate and the other was halfway holding his bike and eating a snack. His bike had a large basket and his super size messenger bag was 3x bigger than his slim body.

Each time Bart emerges in the East Bay from the long mystery pitch black bay tunnel of anxiety, I look down and nod to the one intersection I fell flat on my face SO hard while riding my friend Yaeger's bike over a decade ago in west Oakland, luckily no semi trucks were around those big empty boulevards… I wrecked his front wheel. I didn't have a cell phone. I walked from there to Broadway and stopped at a gas station to eat a donut and a warm gatorade. The gal working there had really long neon green nails. It was one long Saturday morning.

Tuesday, July 8th.
National anthem. Tuesday, July 8th at the Coliseum.

“go easy EH” :D ♥
Deli board on Folsom. Great sandos.

burger for KT. beer para mi.
burger for KT. beer para mi.
Bistro SF has two 21st amendment beers on draft, and Anchor Steam. Nice!

Familia Sunday lunch, pizza time in San Anselmo.

girls day out :) w/muffin y qeli.
Saturday lunch y walk around Lake Merrit/Grand with Muffin y Qeli.

Roam burgers
Roam burgers back in June. Great burgers for meat lovers and veggies alike, beer. Big open windows. Usually crowded, but not too bad.

wheelchair ramp yellows. exploratorium yellows.
Window pixels at Howard and Moss. I really like looking at those windows.
This is a previous shot from 2012 (foto of a foto) on film, tmax 100:

All images, except this b+w above, taken with mi device phone, called Nexus 5.
OK that is all, hope your Tuesday is going well.


  1. You have such a great eye for the quiet in a picture. Great images- I'm especially fond of the little jar of flowers on the window sill. -Bella Q (PS: are you in SF? I'm working for a client based from there, and looking for guest writers. Shoot me an email if you'd be interested! (bella ( a t ) the citizen rosebud DOT com

    1. bella, thanks for the nice note +your nice words. i emailed you a bit back but just wanted to reply here, at snail speed xxo

  2. Nice photos - reflections are cool. I confess to sometimes using reflections to check others out without looking directly at them - is this less or more creepy?

    Good stories too.

    Like the feelings/expression of going through the transbay tube. Bring back the Key System

    1. thanks andy, i agree - window reflections are my fave analog collage, per se. also fun to see some of the reflections take place with different lighting or soemtimes with a later time in a monitor or print, often not easily seen.
      unreal to know that the key system was only 1 minute slower than bart. ktvu has some great footage of it in their 'a second look' sunday shows, not sure their online archive for viewing pleasure is effective much.


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