Sunday, July 6, 2014


from el passenger seat: asi nuestros veranos. yo, en la minoría popular — los adoro.
Summer time. The alert sign reads HEAVY FOG… :)

Approx. 15 miles north from the Golden Gate bridge is Pizzalina in San Anselmo, delicious.

mi favorite peet's of the north w/ its majestic Michael Schwab posters ♥
Coffee pit stop at mi favorite Peet's of the north w/ its majestic Michael Schwab posters.

Sunday was a day for pizza, coffee and baseball watching. The A's swept the Toronto Blue Jays and it was a sunny day in Marin.
The Peet's in the picture above y below, is one of my favorite of their new-ish locations because of its poster art. In addition to the two included in the phone fotos, there is a landscape-poster of that glorious sipping coffee time, and a vertical one of a cup with a imperfect swirly milk on top, just beautiful - with the words cappuccino.
It has not felt right to take a picture of the other two (which aren't as big) as there always seems to be people enjoying their coffee/devices/chatter next to them.
the peet's coffee de novato, has the biggest michael schwab posters I've ever seen :) ♥
From a previous time.

Speaking of Schwab, he is an iconic designer based in Marin. He has designed great logos, posters for national parks, companies, events. If you are unfamiliar with him, you can browse his portfolio pieces here.
Anyway, I also wanted to share his latest design seen in posters and banners around the Fillmore district and Pacific Heights. The annual Jazz festival happened this weekend:
fillmore at dusk × walked few miles, ended w/burger at roam on fillmore near pine.
Not taken today Sunday, but a few days ago.

Fillmore street has a nice blog, and they recently featured the making-of the 2014 Fillmore Jazz poster interview with Schwab. I learned that he is designing the upcoming Santa Clara Superbowl logo (new 49ers is approx. 40mi south from SF), which comes as no surprise. If you follow baseball, you may remember he designed the 2007 All-Star identity.
If you like me, are a poster fan, designer or just curious, here is the article:
The New Fillmore: At the top of his game

OK, I already can't stop thinking about tomorrow's coffee.
Mondays after a 3-day weekend are just not the greatest things … blah blah blah :)
That is all for now.

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