Sunday, July 6, 2014

three quick fotos

Three day weekends are the bestest of best.

wishing all a great 4th of july! took this last nite, the flag y two san francisco breweries say stay safe + have fun!  ×  feliz dia de la independencia estadounidense, por acá con la bandera y dos cerveceras en la barra de aquí mero en san pancho. bonito
Thursday: Improptu pre-4th of July beer time y fútbol chatter with mi amiga KT :) at the our favorite Pacific Heights spot, SF Bistro.

Friday: Civic center station. Béisbol Bart bound – Los Oakland A's win to the Toronto Blue Jays in extra innings :)

lemond in a gigantic oakley ad
Saturday: Californian legend Greg Lemond + Oakley ad at the Powell street Bart station.

And still not over. Have a great Sunday all.


  1. What is it a sign of that I can't decide which is better - 3 day weekends, or 4 day weeks?


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