Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smells like butter.

Butterlap this past weekend was an interesting analogy and enhancement of the senses. Riding a bicycle is a giant reminder that all your 5 senses are exposed at large to the ramblings of the city.
The temperature has finally switched a tad from the remainings of our Indian summer, to the fall weather, which isn't really that cold at all to begin with. We are talking about mid 50°s with maybe a little fog and wind from time to time.
Didn't think this pic would come out. It was pitch black.
After we rode past the Crissy Field area, there was something that was not a weather change. It was a traffic change. The Bay bridge has been a catastrophic traffic case for the (ok well 2 decades but that's another topic) last week. One of the cables snapped, so that means no Bay Bridge until after this weekend. Wow, freak out people, you will have to take 'alternative' routes and public transportation. Call it a spooky end of October ;)
Riding on this road makes you feel like an underwater submarine and the fog is so thick sometimes that it needles your face. It is right by the bridge and on a clear night you can see the brittle lights from the Golden Gate Bridge once we have reached our stop, above Baker beach. This night was different. It smelled like overused brakes, It looked like inpatient drivers and burning fumes replaced the fog. A different sighting, sure.
Traffic overflow.
Traffic overflow.
As we approached the Legion of Honor, the nature of plants and flowers around it were punching you straight in the face. Jasmin, grass, and whatever other smells from the woods come out after dark. It was pleasant.

Paul and his beautiful Ebisu.
Panhandle stop
Panhandle stop

It was the smallest group so far this year (they get under 10 when is raining or there are large CX events) and it was fun. If you need an mid-week evening detox ride, you know where to find it.

Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map post here»

Chica banda.

Café Tacvba in Oakland | info «here»
My first Cafe Tacuba show was in 1993. It was free and it was full of grungy energized dancing teenagers that loved the fact that it was a one-day announcement deal. What a show. Very improvised and rad. In 2005 I randomly met 2 of its band members for a quick second in DF (Mexico City), one in a music-web studio and another having a beer at a whole-in-the-wall divebar, Queen Kong. I was so starstruck. It was cute. They are the it band of my generation served with an ice cold Mexican coke, hundreds of honking bochos in the background and the smell of the carne asada torta a cab driver next to you is having for dinner. Salúd!

I felt like sharing. Anyways, found these sweet posters via SonicLiving posters. Niiiiice

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unite Sunday


Small, unfiltered and gorgeous weather.
More pictures in the next few days.

Bikes, the city, no Cs, heart.

The best, ever.
hearts y bicis
drawning by Declan:
zoooom /Sep.2009
I took the above photo of Declan at the rack on Baker off Grove st.
Adrienne even has a set going on here. Everyone enjoys them and they have become a mandatory fun stop on our way to Mojo's cafe :D

Mug shot.

This lovely coffee mug is a gorgeous creative treat by a new friend & artsy funky gal -Nadege hits the nail on the head. Merci beaucoup!!

Detail 1 -
frenchie - hearts - velcro LOVE!!!!
♥ Detail 2 -priorities
The city. Hills, butterflies and cafe pit-stops.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Savory and crispy.

Omar's hip bag.
Omar's hip bag.

Good friends are often times the complete opposite.
Omar loves bacon as much as I love coffee. I can sympathize

Many of my friends love bacon. Here you go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Opposite directions.

Take your time, take it easy. Get up and go for a walk, go for a ride.
Stretch, if you are at work, take 10 minutes and go outside. If you are not at work, then why are you reading this - go out and play.
Is this a Indian summer sequel? Whatever it is, it's way nice. Can't complain.
Saturday morning riding and walking.
Morning riding and walking.

Cranks and the city.

ARTcrank 2009
ARTcrank 2009
ARTcrank -A poster party for bike people- took place this past Saturday, and it was a blast. Bicycle parking provided by the SFBC valet, beers, drinks, music, poster artsy vitamins. Big props to Charles Youel, the curator, for bringing the event to our city. Again next year, right?! Big fun and good times.
The space at Chrome has become a good solid spot for smaller big parties. I like their space and the way that the retail area becomes where the art, shows and parties take place. Nice.
Steve MacDonald + Lil tuffy
Steve MacDonald + Lil tuffy

Posters + beers.
Posters + beers.
Would you? oui oui Lilia's print
Posters by (L-R) by: Matthew Davis, Fabián Molina and Lilia Scott
Packed shiny house.
Packed shiny house.
Valet parking.

Hi, Hello.

Friends. +Some of their friends. +those not pictured. Pleasure to meet some of you too.
ArtCrank poster show. Thanks. I love you all :D

Los peeps.
Los peeps.

Fashionable couple.

Gary + Alex
Gary + Alex
I loved Alex's dress, a simple and sharp shape with nice autumn fun leafy print. A great smile is always the best accessory. Looking fabulous!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unite Bike: Crissy Field, Sunday 5PM

This just in. Location is in Crissy field, at the pier near the Warming Hut «map»
"We can all meet right by the Warming Hut there is a large pier right
there that we’ll take the photo at. It is all down on the water on
Marine Dr. I hope that is clear enough. If you need more specifics
send me a message or ask around.

We’ll meet there at 5:15pm sharp – so plan your route

I’m excited!! The Minneapolis photo was on a bridge so I’m
feeling the bridge theme for this year’s photos."

bridge & smurfette 2006
bridge & smurfette 2006

After that we will right to Bender's and have a drink/BBQ.
♥Fun, photos & bikes - See ya there ;)

Wednesdsay night lights.

Lights and blinkies
Lights and blinkies
Guess who's back.
Smurfette is back.

She was not gone for long. But I didn't miss her until the space she occupies vertically on the wall, felt quite empty. Quick fix, and kind manners by a rad fellow bike bud, she is back on stage, for Wednesday nights at least.

Butterlap | October 21st, like every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map post here»

fog light shine
Fog light shine. and omar's leg.
pedal-less turn
Pedal-less turn.
Sasha, Dustin.
Sasha, Dustin.
Caitlin, Mark, Jenn Omar +

Dan and the city.

Market approaching Dolores st.

Michael from Bike Nopa has a great article about Dan. I heart Dan. Good peeps
Read it here» Dan Nguyen-Tan: Creating Community, One Ride At A Time

Dan et i
victory and peace, yo

This weekend.

Let's have fun, get artsy and have a drink. See ya there.

Unite Bike
This Sunday, October 25th
+info & join the list: Unite Bike | Twitter | Facebook
My peeps and I and everyone, lets go - We will all be around, striking a pose :D
Don't forget to join us Sunday 5PM - Location: TBA

This years Unite Bike photo will happen in 3 different cities, in Minneapolis-St. Paul – it’s origin, in San Francisco, and in Austin, Texas. The Unite Bike idea is traveling to new places this year because from the beginning it was envisioned to be more of a new kind of solidarity then just a group photo of people with bicycles.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday - Quote this:

Blogger is having the hiccups. I guess the Friday posts will show once that gets fixed.

Enjoy this friday & go ride your yellow submarine!!
Have fun /xo♥m
Quote this:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: What grade would you get!?

This is great, check out the whole thing. Clever, far out cool and straight to the point. :D
Hal would probably give me a C-
//thanks to Claudia for the link

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

City night lights.

Nite lights.
Nite lights. Off of San José Ave.
front porching
Front porching at the Front Porch. 29th st.

Friday nights are crazy. At the end of the night on my sober way home and way before last call (which is the worst to bike through) I got rear-ended by a wasted/intoxicated/all of the above - guy on a bicycle that zoomed right into the blinking red gaze of my rear lights (3). CLANK!!
The frenchie is quite a sturdy steel machine so nothing really happened to it, but getting rear-ended twice, once on each of my bikes, within 2 weeks - sucks.
I will soon be busting out my ninja whips and stink bombs. Watchout reckers!

Polk at Hayes.

Market at Van ness.

Monday, October 19, 2009

City beats.

Traffic ahead
Broadway at Polk st.
Traffic in the city is unforgiving and in this is a sample of crazy scenarios as such. In the middle of bottleneck traffic, it is hard to see pedestrians, bikes, upcoming vehicles, junkies, oddities, j-walkers and big trucks - all at once. and at the coutdown of a green light.

ARTcrank San Francisco, this Saturday Oct. 24th

for artcrank
Posters are here. Velcro, the previous-life-dressed-in-black-architect, approves.

See you there! Valet Bicycle Parking provided by the mighty SFBC.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

quad. blue bottle friday treat.

Birthday, coffee y bikes.

My peeps and I will be doing a caffeinated birthday loop. Come join early birds. You are invited.

Linktastic Friday

Oh plenty to do, plenty to do. Be safe out there


In San José.
Dia de los muertos ride. Awesome!
Ride #25 October 2009»
Rad, too bad I *just* found out about this, soon SJ party - soon!!

Also the last 2 days of LITQUAKE!
Friday events»
Saturday events»

Found this from their site, quite clever:
Tips for Surviving the Crawl
• Arrive early for the best “seat” (more likely, standing room only!)
• Take BART or ride your bike
• Wear comfortable shoes — and walk damn fast (total route, end to end: 1.16 miles)

Memorial ride for Sylvia Bingham via SFBC:
Join the family of Sylvia Bingham on for a memorial bike ride to affirm the rights of cyclists to bike safely on the streets. Sylvia, age 22, was killed while riding her bicycle to work in Cleveland on September 15. She grew up in San Rafael, California

Festival on the Square - Celebrating CAA’s 40th Anniversary and CCDC’s 2nd Arts in the Alley»

Come out to Chinatown on October 17th for “Festival on the Square”
an afternoon of exciting performances, games, and activities for all ages!
•My friend Dan will be there doing bicycle outreach in the communnity :D
sent via Dan/Facebook»

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Public Grand Opening, Block Party + Bellwether Opening
4–10 PM
Event info here»
•SFBC will provide Bicycle Valet Parking. 530-11PM


12 noon - Meet at McLaren Lodge, Golden Gate Park
SFBC Rec Ride to the Marin Headlands»

Bike swap!! Benefit the SFBC, and all kinds of goodies.
Sunday October 18th from 11AM-4PM,

via BoxDogBikes More info here»