Tuesday, October 20, 2009

City night lights.

Nite lights.
Nite lights. Off of San José Ave.
front porching
Front porching at the Front Porch. 29th st.

Friday nights are crazy. At the end of the night on my sober way home and way before last call (which is the worst to bike through) I got rear-ended by a wasted/intoxicated/all of the above - guy on a bicycle that zoomed right into the blinking red gaze of my rear lights (3). CLANK!!
The frenchie is quite a sturdy steel machine so nothing really happened to it, but getting rear-ended twice, once on each of my bikes, within 2 weeks - sucks.
I will soon be busting out my ninja whips and stink bombs. Watchout reckers!

Polk at Hayes.

Market at Van ness.


  1. Is there anything more beautiful than October in San Francisco?
    Great photos.

  2. I use that exit in the first pic all the time, but you make it look stylish!

  3. Yep, I often commute home via that turnoff onto Arlington from San Jose...and speaking of being rear-ended, the constant fear on that stretch of San Jose is getting rear-ended by a car going expressway speed. So, for what it's worth, being rammed by a drunk on a bike isn't so bad. Hope the mixte's okay...

  4. thanks charlotte! it is quite crisp everyday ;D

    tamagosan/ oh that is a tough one. pulls your every string of awareness. hello freeway! -thx for stopping by

    chester/ you got my exact thoughts on this without me saying a word. yes, I couldnt agree with you more, persons even under the worst conditions are not 2 tons of metal.
    Riding on San José is a long stretch of constantly being beyond aware of your surroundings. Every sound counts. Rideable though.

  5. sorry for your accident--ouch! but the views look intoxicatingly beautiful (no pun intended)!


  6. thank god for steel bikes. and happy belated birthday!

  7. hmmmmm nice pic of city in night ...

    and ya, if you want some amaging wallpapers of bikes than visit my blog ..


  8. wow, only in SF, Portland or maybe NYC could you get rear ended by a bike. Part of me thinks, well at least there's enough cyclists out TO get rear ended. But you still don't want it to happen. I do find those airhorns ammusing though. someone around here has one that fits into your bottle cage, and you can recharge it with a bike pump. Loud enough to make most fall right off their bike, just a thought....

  9. Holy crap. I always get a bit nervous about cars smacking into cyclists, but I hadn't thought of cyclists whacking each other. Glad you didn't get hurt! BTW, love seeing all your pics of the city. So interesting to see it from your point of view.

  10. Mary Jo/ oh no biggie, &nice pun... ;) thanks so much for stopping by <3

    daPa/ I know right?! both my bikes are steel. and thanks so much!

    Anon./ ok.

    libertyonbikes/ yes indeed, much rather get crashed by with a bike than a 2ton car. anyday. and that is a good idea, better get workin on that, might be the next big thing ;)

    sonja/ thanks sweetheart, yeah unexpected but you are so exposed to the whole city in every element is so beautiful that it always could have its down points. not too bad
    and thanks for all the lovely notes <3


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