Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: What grade would you get!?

This is great, check out the whole thing. Clever, far out cool and straight to the point. :D
Hal would probably give me a C-
//thanks to Claudia for the link


  1. bici #1 = B. bici #2= C-ish [after taking into consideration the resell value of the parts not locked, probably a B. :)]

  2. Seeing as I leave all my crap in the basket and frequently only use my rear wheel lock without actually locking it to anything..... F- : )

  3. I'd get an F too. I also only use rear wheel lock. Although I think I have that teddy bear luck going on. I usually have two kid helmts hanging off the handle bars ( yeah I leave those too!) and I think the person would go to hell for taking my stuff... and I have weight going on. ( I know someone whose dutch bike was stolen sort of with rear wheel lock. It was so heavy that the guy ended up throwing bike in the bushes two doors down. and that was in a more bike theft savy area too...

  4. I think I'll get a mixed grade card throughout the week :P
    and does he count emotional value? b/c that would be like 3 million euros for the frenchie...


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