Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smells like butter.

Butterlap this past weekend was an interesting analogy and enhancement of the senses. Riding a bicycle is a giant reminder that all your 5 senses are exposed at large to the ramblings of the city.
The temperature has finally switched a tad from the remainings of our Indian summer, to the fall weather, which isn't really that cold at all to begin with. We are talking about mid 50°s with maybe a little fog and wind from time to time.
Didn't think this pic would come out. It was pitch black.
After we rode past the Crissy Field area, there was something that was not a weather change. It was a traffic change. The Bay bridge has been a catastrophic traffic case for the (ok well 2 decades but that's another topic) last week. One of the cables snapped, so that means no Bay Bridge until after this weekend. Wow, freak out people, you will have to take 'alternative' routes and public transportation. Call it a spooky end of October ;)
Riding on this road makes you feel like an underwater submarine and the fog is so thick sometimes that it needles your face. It is right by the bridge and on a clear night you can see the brittle lights from the Golden Gate Bridge once we have reached our stop, above Baker beach. This night was different. It smelled like overused brakes, It looked like inpatient drivers and burning fumes replaced the fog. A different sighting, sure.
Traffic overflow.
Traffic overflow.
As we approached the Legion of Honor, the nature of plants and flowers around it were punching you straight in the face. Jasmin, grass, and whatever other smells from the woods come out after dark. It was pleasant.

Paul and his beautiful Ebisu.
Panhandle stop
Panhandle stop

It was the smallest group so far this year (they get under 10 when is raining or there are large CX events) and it was fun. If you need an mid-week evening detox ride, you know where to find it.

Butterlap | Meets every Wednesday night 7PM Ferry Bldg. Previous map post here»


  1. Once again, I wish I could attend these fun SF rides :)

  2. Hey!
    The Butterlap sure seems like a great ride. I wish
    we had something like that here in Santa Fe. It's
    kind of too cold to ride at night in the winter here,
    but maybe it's a cue for me to get off my duff this
    spring and do something about it.
    Thanks, Great pics .
    Jon C.

  3. we'd love to have you Dottie :D

    jon/ seems like ill be reading that you started a new ride eh ;)
    all it takes is a few of your friends, bikes and the will to go out and play, even midweek. &wow snow - so cool!!


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