Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bikes, the city, no Cs, heart.

The best, ever.
hearts y bicis
drawning by Declan:
zoooom /Sep.2009
I took the above photo of Declan at the rack on Baker off Grove st.
Adrienne even has a set going on here. Everyone enjoys them and they have become a mandatory fun stop on our way to Mojo's cafe :D


  1. so sweet :) I am gonna have to send a pic of that awsome rack to our council with a 'pretty please' request to have some in the city to brigthen up our rainy Manchester!! :D L xxx

  2. I know he is mine, and thus I am a bit biased, but I think he's kinda cute : )

    That heart is killing me : D

  3. Lorenza/ Yes go for it!! I have been informed a local (also Flickr user) designed these and had them made for the school. I will have to get some further info later ;)

    calitexican/ he melts our girly hearts

    Ade/ ah yes, i know ;)

    ms.elle/ :DDD

    KT/ oh I know right?!


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