Monday, August 25, 2014

Cambria, CA.

MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
I've never given for granted my proximity to smelling and seeing the Pacific Ocean. Often times this becomes a palpable essence, in particular when speaking with east coasters or new pals I meet from various regions in the country. I consider myself lucky to just get to the ocean when the world hurts. News, and what we as humans are capable of doing to each other, is infuriating. Heading to the ocean, may feel at least to me, like the least one can do to seek a moment of perspective, quiet, and solitude – even for just a couple of minutes.

I love this abundant body of water so much and deeply appreciate the ocean's strong foundation it has within me, it has witnessed highs and lows. Constantly influencing a patient and respectful approach to the everyday.
It listens to questions that may not have an answer, conversations only heard by the ocean breeze.

Throughout my twenties the bicycle was the peace of mind I sought after on a daily basis, but the peacefulness that nature provides, in particular its lifelong dose of sea layer, has intensified and thus placed itself on a different mental category in the last couple of years.

As in life, one may get to know the ocean's tide patterns, get comfortable.
But it is rather wise to not be easily fooled and underestimate its power.

Do you have any special place from your home state (or your adopted one) that receive your constant admiration? Would love to hear it, if you'd like to share.

My native coastal Baja+Californian pride continues to extend – If at all possible :)
Have a great week ahead.

MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosaMELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa
MELI: August post — Cambria, CA | Bikes and the City × meligrosa

/ The Pacific Ocean: fotos above from the weekend in Cambria (and first visit!) alongside a group of great gals. 


  1. Great photo's and thoughts.

    Many places to seek peace. We live in a great area for that. Redwood Park, Tilden, Shepherd Canyon - on and on. These are just some of the closest for me. It's endless though.

    I've (mostly) turned off the news, and turned on the music. Best escape.

    Many reasons to want to escape. Some people can do terrible things.

    Recently, I get peace by doing the right thing, however small, to create the world I would like to have. See a discarded bottle on the trail, pop in my bag and properly dispose of latter. Kid drops his schedule in the middle of a crowded room, everyone else just standing there watching it get trampled, pick it up and hand it to him. A smile to a stranger, etc. "It's always the right time to do the right thing" - MLK (I think)

    1. andy, it is always of great pleasure to read your notes and comments as they linger as positive reflections for quite some time.
      thank you for the words and sharing on what your efforts make someone else's day with your efforts.
      i thought i'd share with you that this morning a gal at peets overcharged me, she is new and i can tell is very nervous so i just let the 50 or so cents go, no big deal i thought. the barista who handed me the drink at the other end knows me & mi regular order so he just handed me on of their free-drink coupon and said, you are our favorite patient customer meli.
      i treasure time and can be very business-like for things like deadlines and such needs, but having worked retail many moons ago, i have a soft spot for jobs that deal with multitudes of people. thought that was rather special. so that made my day.

      anyway - hooray for another 4-day week about to conclude. and for coffee.
      cheers -M.

    2. "I've (mostly) turned off the news, and turned on the music. Best escape."

      LOVE this!

  2. First let me say it's weird there are not more comments here.

    Then I'd have to say the Reno/Tahoe area has been a pleasant surprise for me.Few things can compare to the first sight of Pyramid Lake or the view of Lake Tahoe from sitting up high somewhere, or maybe on one of it's more less known beaches.

    Reno itself has a bad rap and in some cases deserves it but also has lots of hidden gems and charm. Great coffee and food if you know where to go. Great museum, urban farming, a great all ages venue not so much for me (though I did go see Jonathan Richman there, but really it's Jonathan Richman) but for the kids of which I do have one who uses the place. I love that bears get into people trash here, that there are trouts in the river downtown, and that on the edges of town you can see wild horses.

    Would add though that while I have always thought of myself as a mountain guy I have been recently finding I could live in a sleepy surf town like Encintas or maybe Trinidad up on the north coast there. Actually anywhere along the ocean could work. I life was fair we could all have a place at the shore and in the hills.

    I could probably go on about Pennsylvania where I come from so long ago, and West Virginia, both states with BIG issues but both with their good points as well.

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