Saturday, August 22, 2009

Go places.

Taking a different route even within your area, is always interesting. Take a different approach, explore your city, leave your city, make new friends and take some pictures. Bring your bike. Happy weekend everybody!

My beloved.
Frenchie awaits for the next adventure - where to next?


  1. Did just that today - road on new roads and met new people, who, you never know, might become friends. :-) Hope, you are having a good weekend, too, girlfriend!

  2. frenchie looks so ace modeling for you! ;)

  3. Happy cycling to you too :D x

  4. Ah, that unusual specimen - a curved-stay mixte. You have one!

  5. Im sure Frenchie would love to join the Mules

  6. lovely bike. ouor bikes should be friends.

  7. dale/ oh thanks darling!! - & for stopping by

    groover/ that is awesome! bikes can lead to great friendships, Im reminded of that when I hang out with my peeps here in the city <3

    caryl/ she's become quite the showoff!! he heee

    lorenza/ super! ;)

    lovely bicycle/ the frenchie has some great features, wish they still made bikes like that *more so.

    phillip/ thatd be so great, imagine UK,TX,CA one big ride. one day, Im sure

    john garrish/
    ♥thanks you all!!

    ..the pasture/ very good point ;) thanks for the link _xo


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