Monday, August 31, 2009

A coffee a day keeps the doctor away.

This is from this past Saturday. Weather was already crazy hot (keeping in mind that we only get a handful of 'hot' summer days) and that to us fog-spoiled SFettes, means around 70°-80°s. Anyhow, the sun was out and in its full splendor and glory at 7am.
I had a dentist appointment at 8am and you if you wonder why so early: The earlier I get done, the sooner I get to drink my coffee, you see. & no one gets hurt. ♥OKthanks
saturday sunrise
Saturday sunrise

Morning of the teeth monsters.
I love my dentist, asides being the best and having feather-like hand craftiness:
• She always tells me to bring my bike in (which is super nice of her but, I object thus, the place is uber-super small)
• She tells me I have no cavities
• She wears dr. martens

twigs y frenchie.
the new sculpture in the octavia/hayes corridor

quad. cavity-free celebration.



  1. Yo yo, love the poster from Friday! That's classic Meli... ride on girl!

  2. lol. I had a dentist appointment today, too. I like my dentist, although there's no bike parking out front and they've never invited Betty or Oma inside.

  3. I ride to my dentist apppointments, too! And - like you - the earlier, the better. Lucky for me, there is bike parking right outside his door, but he did let me bring in my folding bike (and admired it all folded up, too!).

  4. cyclingTeacher/ weeee ;)

    Dottie/ it's about that time. prepping for halloween ice cream and cakes!! Im lucky the staff likes my bike, and they keep bikey postcards &stuff Ive sent them...

    E A/ nice! it is always up on my list when goods and services treat you no different b/c you have a bike-car-walk etc. that's service, do you have any pics of your folding bike? I'd love to check it out ;)
    thanks for stopping by!

  5. That first shot is the perfect morning shot, with sleep still in your eyes. ;)
    Hot? I was down in San Diego last week, and it got up to 102F. I loved it! Dry heat, so much nicer than MN humidity. Hot weather charges up my batteries for our long winter.
    What's up with What Bike?!

  6. Odd request, perhaps, but ...

    Assuming that the red thingy on your handlebar is a pepper spray, could you please close-up pics of the setup?


    Peace :)

  7. spiderleggreen/ oh happy you got to enjoy our golden state ;D and that is from Friday, & remember 'chico' the dog!?

    Chandra/ haaa! thanks, but thats not how I roll ;) its my u-lock with a tab of pink tape. will post picture soon :D
    thanks for stoppin by!


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