Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friends of Butter

fog layed it out. who's boss
Last week for butter ride the fog was magical. It was so thick, you would think you were one of the Schelck brothers going up the Alps because there was so much drip off your nose and helmet. Thick fog is nice. What tricked everyone is that 20 minutes before the ride, on the west end of the city, the day was gorgeous. Typical summer day.

Kathryn y Brett. Her coat is super cool! she told me it rolls into a little ball. practical sweetness

I handed my camera to Brett (Nice shot!):

David took this photo of me :) thanks:

Who says you can't bike 15 miles and up three hills in a skirt? by David Gartner

These above, are my peeps Brian & Marco.
It was their first time and they sent me the following photos/video:

by Brian

by Brian


  1. Wow, that is some fog. I've never seen anything like it. Great pictures!

  2. that's a great look, meli--from the headband to the hoops, turtleneck, bracelet, belt, tights (of course!), brooks, old-school water bottle, the torpado itself, and on and on! Oh yeah, fingerless gloves!

    lee (a fellow turtlenecked rider)

  3. dottie/ thats our summer sound machine ;)

    Lee/ *oh! thanks!! when are you gonna joini us?!

  4. that's definitely on my list! i'll keep my eye on your blog for the next set of fun rides!


  5. That guy with the massive beard? My father in law totally has one just like that!


  6. miss sarah/ really?! thats cool, long beard people are typically so chill and nonchalant ;D

  7. meli - this ride happens every wednesday? what time and is it open to all?

  8. Hi travelling terra!
    yes butterlap happens every wed, open to everybody - good times.
    come join, you'll have fun <3
    wednesday 7PM ferry bldg.

    Here's a map from an older post: here.


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