Monday, August 31, 2009

Ice cream and cake

I dont like chocolates & I dont like ice cream. I only eat ice cream when other friends are super eager to do so. Why not, Im flexible.

spare bike, spare time, spare fun

BBBBUTTTTT right now Im f*ing loving this commercial. **RAD**


  1. I also do not like chocolate, and rarely ice cream. But I too am amused by this marketing.

    and...I say drink the coffee before the dentist - it makes it more interesting for the hygienist. :p

    Happy Summer!

  2. oh trust me, done that... say 11am appt, who can even function that long sans caffeine?!
    I'd totally would, but my dentist is so rad, she does the cleaning. Gotta be flexible sometimes you know, I can hold on - til say... 9am ;)


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