Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday - now, let's go ride!!

Three trolls. Have been having tons of girls-times lately, so now it's time for the boys. marco is visiting from LA ;)
wish my arm was longer sometimes.
being able to hook up friends that have extra bikes with visiting peeps with each other is pretty cool.


  1. aww you are too cute - if only they made like little arm extenders for bike photos!

  2. Your shots always transmits cycle happiness! I love them :D Is that a wooly hat I see? Is summer ending in SF too??? :( here definitely feels that way! boooooo! L xxx

  3. ♥thanks lorenza! yes that is a cozy hat ;) we dont really have 'summers' in SF until around september-mid october.
    Occasionally, like this past week, we have a 'hot' day streak here and there. Never hotter than say low 80°s if that...


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