Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beans and boots.

Coffee and bikes. Daily love
humpday treat
humpday treat. 4x

red boots at red light


  1. Mmmmh, this coffee looks delicious. Does coffee taste better in red boots? :-) Love the top shot.

  2. Mmmm, Lekker! (That's Dutch for, "It tastes really good"

  3. Looooovely boots :) red = bike passion! <3

  4. the boots rock!!! yum for the coffee, is it cappucino?

  5. Aw, sweet! I love how you changed your header too. Very nice.

  6. groover/ heee, adds some kind of ingredient ;)

    cyclingteacher/ oh awesome. leeker, I like!

    lorenza/ oh thanks!! la tua visita è molto apprezzata

    josh y lola/ gracias cariño

    monkey toes/ thx!! yea it's a soy latte. I get those from time to time :D

    MaryJo/ thanks love, great to hear from you!

  7. Lovely. I used your red boots to illustrate an article about Cycle chic on the Swedish language green blog Ecoprofile. I hope that's ok! I mentioned that you often use the heart symbol too, that's a nice touch!

    Cycle chic is really amazing. Newspaper articles from all over Europe and North America, and a zillion trillion blogs too.

    Love the airbag bicycle. Hilarious :)

  8. thanks Erik!!
    I'm glad you have stopped by and enjoy, thank you so much for the lovely comments,
    Feel free to re-link any pics &posts :)
    ♥Happy riding!


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