Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bicycle Music Festival in SF

♥With love from San Francisco!!

Met tons of wonderful and skilled bike lovers out this past Saturday. Paul & the Rock the Bike! crew pulled everyone together as well as some fantastic musicians pouring from all over the Bay Area (including some cool peeps from Chico!). Bicycle Music Festival was great overall. I'm not sure how it was planned, but if next year you need permits Paul, I'm pretty confident that we, as a bicycle community will pull together and pitch in. Just look at the turnaround. Honestly I'm not sure how this all works, SF could be über strict about these things, but I know it can be done. Bikers are miracle workers, just look at those tremendous rides!! Ok. Well sounds easy, but im sure is lots of paperwork or something...
Anyhow - We caught on to the festival once it was heading to Dolores Park. The ride was pretty amazing throughout the park, on Haight street, down the wiggle then off to the Mission. Here are some pictures from last Saturday, June 20th. Bikes, music, fun, great weather San Francisco. Cheers! xo/♥!!

Bike, music, festival, go.

2 rad rides.

Put your hands up in the ai-ye-r.

5 wheeling.

My Peeps.


Colossus invades page street.

Chatterboxes. Ramona & I /taken by Omar.

Sutro riders.

A newly paved Scott street.

Then like MJagger would say, you can't always get what you want, and what I want is to never ride near glass again. Omar and i stopped to refuel on coffee at Duboce Park cafe on our way to the Mission, and shortly after we took off happily with caffeine in hand, pffffffftttttt, I look down to a terrifying feeling of I-know-if-I-look-down what I will see. A FLAT!!!! Oh well. Got a new tire this time and that wrapped up a pretty fabulous Saturday fine afternoon in the city.

duboce park cafe.

tire chorro //-the end-


  1. As usual, Great Photos.
    I wish our little crew could have been there. The Weather Gods were kind.

    Old Dude

  2. This looks like a great event!! I hope someday I can ride my little bicycle around SF.

  3. I'm always jealous when I read your posts.

    If I ever make it to S.F., I hope I get to be amongst your peeps.

  4. i'm with you on the permits for next year. planning & money = permits = good times for all.

    i was coming from dinner late-ish on saturday and the boo and i saw the diehards on their way to the pier while fossil fool was on the mic. it was pretty rad.

  5. So many fun and unique group rides there! What a community!

  6. Old dude/ thanks! &yes weather rocked ;D
    san/ I know you will soon!! I can sense it

    Jon/ ♥oh but of course! we'd love to have you

    calitexican/ oh late nites with paul's bike around the city are the best. those guys' internal groove batteries never run out...

    Dottie/ thanx - we heart sf!

  7. i <3 your friend dusty's handlebars! can you tell me where he got them/what kind they are?

    many thanks! see you out there!

  8. Hi baristatomic! I know he got stella from citizen chain in north beach, but not sure if the hbars as well. you can probably send him a note here's his site: SF wiggle

    ♥Thanks for stopping by!
    cheers/ xo.m


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