Monday, June 29, 2009

10/20 back to 20/20

Or something like that. My sunglasses of 2 or 3 years have finally checked out. The big Vonz Zippers are officially retired. Tried to gorilla-glue them together, that only worked for a week. Got a new pair. Foggier days are part of our beloved gray summer in SF, so dark lenses not needed as much. Half-the-size but fun pair already. We'll see.
pirate visionary
before /pirate visionary.
during/ fixed. for a week.
citrus punch
now/ citrus punch.


  1. the raybans are fab! i particularly love them for cycling because they really stay in place and they don't interfere with my helmet. and because they're que cute!

  2. right! I noticed that after having those massive old ones, I dont have to readjust stuff with these 'smaller' ones ;)
    ♥thanks gina

  3. Sorry to hear about your sunglasses - thats always such a bummer.. But the new ones look so good! I love the little hint of yellow. I have a similar pair with teal on the inside and a slight fade on the lenses :)


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