Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Things and Thoughts

Summer. Fog. Fog. 56° Summer. Fog. and coffee coffee coffee!!

under the bridge. lots of water. above the bridge. all fog. /photo by s.s.


  1. 56°?! i wanna move there!! 90ish here, goes up to 100° sometimes.

  2. most awesome shot. headed to the sunshine in Marin?

  3. i'll trade you thursday fog for our thursday thunderstorms...

    love the belt, it makes this pic..


  4. caryl/ yes. I dont get tired of the fog and cloudy days to be honest. but yeah our summers and winters are a tad backwards here. and 100° yeah, Id be in an AC coffee shop drinkin iced coffee... jk! ;P

    sigrid/ you know it baby!!

    XanderN'Dante/ haaa, anytime. foghorn soundtrack included ;)))


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