Thursday, July 30, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair

owl y bike /the frenchie and I on our way to checking out some crafty goodies

The Renegade Craft Fair this year was cool. It is one of those events, you get to see everyone's work, connect with many local crafters and meet other hand-made and craft advocates from around the States. There were lots of shops from etsy that I have been fans of for sometime, so it was very nice to see all their stuff displayed. Of course my eye goes toward bike-coffee related pieces, but in general good stuff. It took place once again in Fort Mason, and the turnout was pretty good I thought. Here are some photos, enjoy :)

saw their stuff and immediately recognize them from this past [post] Got me a shirt of theirs. neat stuff
/Based out of Oakland, Calif. 5533

vital scarves

VITAL industries, based out of Denver, CO
I love their etsy shop! so cool to see them here in SF /etsy shop: vital

cute little bags. VAYA Based out of NY

le frenchie patiently awaits.


  1. i was there too! got myself a lovely vital hoodie. :)

  2. Great photos! Frenchie is so nice to wait patiently while you shop.

  3. Thanks for the post. I love it all! You are living the life Meli-g, you are living the life! Thanks for all the inspiration ~ always.

  4. I went to Renegade Craft Fair last year and spent too much money on belt buckles and handmade memo books. The highlight was bumping into awesome local musician Carla Kihlstedt, although she was a little creeped out by having a fan recognize her! Great pics of you on the Seven Hells ride BTW. Good to know that Frenchie can climb!

  5. baristatomic/ oh awesome!! isint their stuff great? <3

    dottie/ he heee yea, my beloved loyal one!!!

    sigrid/ ♥!!!

    Alison/ oh so great, yeah last year had more music, glad to know more people check it out. &thanks kindly for the 7hells, Ill post sometime soon ;) cheers -

    lavanna/ oh thanks dear, glad you enjoy it :)


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