Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's SF Chronicle: Bay Area commuters

I am quite happy that Bike To Work Day is mentioned in the article. I can personally say that it has been great to have volunteered (with the SF Bike Coalition) on that day for a number of years and along, meet people that were moving beyond cars even before the gas prices were the hot topic. On that note, still makes me happy that people are finding various ways to move around.

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Bay Area commuters moving beyond cars
by Michael Cabanatuan
(Photo by Paul Chinn)
"...In San Francisco, a traffic count by the Municipal Transportation Authority in July found that during a one-hour stretch of the morning commute, there were more bicycles than cars, taxis, buses and streetcars heading eastbound on Market Street. According to Judson True, an authority spokesman, 509 bike riders were tallied compared with 400 cars, 43 taxis and 30 transit vehicles. On Bike to Work Day in May, he said, officials counted twice as many bikes as motorized vehicles..."

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