Friday, October 24, 2008

Get your bike mojo on

Mojo Bicycle Cafe. Genius.
Bikes ‹and a full-on bike service/shop area› coffee and cute boys ‹ok and girls too :)›. Super.
Also been there when some drumming, music and performances go on late at night, which is the spot to be.
The cafe has a good selection of sandwiches, good local coffee ‹from Sonoma county: Ecco Caffe beans› and drinks. The shop has a good selection of Swobo, planet tool stuff, color rims for the cool kids and tons of other goodies. I'm eyeing a super cute helmet that I think I'm gonna be getting pretty soon. Matches with some shoes of mine. mmmhhh...
The only thing that threw me off a bit was that there was no bike rack adjacent/in front of it. Maybe they are working on that ‹?› There are a few bike racks within the block though.


This, the guy said, is a souvenir from Japan. "Do not park/leave your bike here". Very Cute


  1. AH, that answers the question I left for you at Flickr. Irony -- got it.

  2. the reason for no bike racks out front is because of the bicycle injunction.

  3. That place looks super cool. Nice site too.

  4. @Peter/ yeah, I can see that. Its never bother me though :)

    @Mod/ thanks, yes mojo, I love it :)

  5. That is a brilliant idea! Bike shop and cafe, a perfect match.

  6. I'm amazed at how many coffeehouses you have in your area. I would be in heaven. We don't have any real coffeehouse here in Fort Worth. Maybe I'll open one some day.


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