Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday! Go ride

A preview of summer in San Francisco. I' a fog worshiper.

Cute boy strollin on Octavia.

Rudolph, the biker raindeer. / I neglect the smurfette way too much.
Like this, because the Frenchie has a flat I'm too 'lazy' to fix. Road bikes are fun.
♥Frenchie I miss you, though


  1. Your gloves/arm warmers are great. Where can I get me some of those?
    Thanks, Aubree

  2. I love how the colors of your bike always seem to be PART of your outfit. :)

  3. Hi aubree!! thanks, they are an alpaca knit. cozy but not overwhelming, made by Matthew Breaux, dont think there's a website, but here's a [link] I found.
    I got them at a local little shop here in SF (not azalea from that post) ♥thanks for stopping by!

    RJ/ thanks so much!!! I dont think I wear blue much at all, but since having 2blue bikes, somehow I've found a new appreciation and mixing in the love of blue ;D

  4. Great photo of the Long Perfect Fingerless Gloves with 3 X´s. I´m Matthew Breaux.

    You can contact me directly at to get more information -- they are in boutiques in SanFran and we also do some direct selling. Our Web site is

    Thanks, beautiful bike riders!


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