Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ride of Silence, San Francisco

Ride of silence by busbozo

Two Thursdays ago the Ride of Silence took place here in San Francisco. It was a nice quiet ride to honor those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways. The ride brought together a small sized-but good group of riders to pay the respect. We all know, that next year the group will continue to grow. It was nice to meet the group, including people from all over the country for such a small group, it was very nice. I also got to meet nicole, who is a reader of this blog and was visiting from the midwest for a few days. That was very cool.
[*A highly rare occasion that I forgot my camera - all pictures in this post are either Adriennes &/or Ramona's, as indicated below each image.]

heading down market by warbin k

Green means Subway! or Go. by busbozo

Photo by warbin k

the slow quiet ride by warbin k

End of the Ride by warbin k

See post about Ramona, Ride of Silence organizer here in SF, over at Adrienne's & I bicyle-ness story blog:
✖ CYLRAB Ramona Wheels Right


  1. Hola Meligrosa :D

    excelentes fotografias nuevamente.

    que ganas de estar ahi paseando entre tanta gente, yo por lo general ando sola por las calles, no es muy masivo en chile usar la bici.

    Saludos!!! suerte en tus paseos!

  2. gracias por tus comentarios tan lindos francisca!
    no te apures, pronto mas gente andara en bicis, te lo aseguro ;D

    sigue en tu bici, y toma muchas fotos que me encanta checar la escena por alla en chile xo♥!


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