Monday, May 25, 2009

Caffeinated Mail Appreciation from Denver

united & caffeinated
& yes - I wear my addiction with pride!
A tremendous thank you! to JonGrinder over at Two Wheels for officially introducing me to the Association • Caffeinated • Wheemen! :D [**Update: Jon is currently out of pins]
I received this adorable pin with a lovely note via postal mail, and it will be carried around with me all over San Francisco coffee shop adventures. Cheers!! Don't forget to check out his blog and here, for more pin info: Are you a caffeinated rider?

_As a side note, I'm a Californian, but I'm really rooting for the nuggets to beat the lakers (is anyone into bball?!) Go Melo!!!


  1. Glad you like the pin! Have fun!

  2. yeah, i'm usually for any team that plays against the lakers. they beat my spurs all the time, and i'm just sick of it! ;)

    love the pin too. so cute, and perfect for you!

  3. jon/ ♥united coffee love

    calitexican/ now, it's official with pin and all, like the girls scouts. ha-haaa ;D


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