Monday, May 25, 2009

Kids and biking. & Adrienne

I dont have any kids and can't really imagine what fun, learning process, awareness and teaching is taken when the family is out on the road. Hanging out with Adrienne and her family has opened my views as a San Francisco rider in a perspective that I had not thought about nor experienced before. She is also the photo/credit on the article. Swoon. Parents on bikes rock!!

Adrienne was featured in the Chronicle's Bike About Town last week.
Kids and Biking by Monica Nolan /

She's told me that there are almost no pictures of her riding some time ago. I've asked her to rephrase that. :D

we are the green lane.

you talking to me.

one couple. two parents. four wheels.


  1. So important to get kids on their bikes. I take a group of my student's for a ride every year, and have wanted to start an Elementary Cycling Club for a while. Maybe next year it will happen.
    Ride on!

  2. super style, super gloves and perfect bike

  3. This lady sure has been appearing on this blog a lot over the past few weeks!

  4. cyclingteacherguy/ if you do, thatd be so great!! sounds pretty exciting. I know in the cuty the Y has a middle-school prgram thing going on

    anonymous 1/ her gloves are always a good conversation starter :D

    anonymous 2/ we're good city ninja partners in bike crime. watchout :D


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