Wednesday, December 23, 2009

45° Mod nightrider trio.

Here is what I wore last weekend - Saturday night.
I almost never wear this top . It is is good ol'poly fabulous from the 60's, so for our spoiled California weather, it just gets a little too toasty.
I got it in a vintage shop in Austin and everytime I wear it, I just expect Dirty Harry to jump out of a beautiful Galaxy 500, looking dapper as ever, chasing some lucky punk.
The clear night was at a crispy mid 40°s and couldn't be more of a beautiful night for riding.
Boots are campers. They make me a happy camper every time I wear them. ♥he hee.

After having some happy spirits at Mojo's on Divisadero, we headed to Chilango's in the castro for some belly filling Mexican food. Night bicycle strolling in the city, riding the hilly small streets that power the arteries throughout the city and its charming districts, and trolling with friends is the best of therapies for any mood affected by the holidaze end of year. Happy end of year riding.
Wiggling our way to chilangos
Wiggling our way to Chilango's


  1. you always have the coolest outfits! I love your style.

  2. Got to agree with San Smith - wish I had your style, Beautiful! :-)

  3. The top is fab. You look like you should be hanging with Steve McQueen on the set of Lemans.

    Hope Christmas was great, for you, and that the upcoming year follows suit!

  4. san smith/ your a doll ♥thx

    groover/ oh many gracias!! ;-)

    Jon/ oh mcQueen, fabulousness
    &thanks you - cheers for a great 2010!


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