Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RIP Raybans

Yes. I have lost them.
I have given them a week to perhaps pop like magic hot popcorn out of one of my bags or secret pockets in unknown places, but items such as lipstick and eyeglasses are things I just don't leave the house without :(
Cube mate.
And we close this Rayban chapter.


  1. time for the universe to share back with you since you gave them 2 RBs. :(

    on a brighter note, i love how "almost" late 70s, early 80s that last picture is of you two. i say almost cause he looks like he's wearing some sort of fabric that was not yet invented back 30ish years ago.

  2. sha. :(

    thx &yes every pic of david and I, looks very 70s. maybe we were a reincarnated duo from the 60s. who knows.


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