Monday, December 28, 2009

Bike light limbo.

The bike limbo.
The bike limbo.

The bike light limbo: What you see above + everybody in the ride riding under it = tons of fun.

My fave bike lights for this year's xmas lite ride, were the versatile sets by new bikey peeps Volker. Here he is striking a pose in St. Francis Wood, before he got all experimental (or maybe he had already masterplanned it)
He bought the lights at a local hardware store and kept the wiring and batteries inside his Hambone bag, a local fave made by my girl Lisa Marie, a mutual friend of ours :D

Riding on lexington st.
Riding on lexington st.
Blurry but you can still see the big smiles. weeeeeeeee

Here we are on Valencia and 18th:
and what came out of that shot:

Bike limbo on the go on Valencia st.
Bike limbo on the go -Valencia street.
- - - - -
Good times.


  1. was fun. i was just going to wrap the extra lights around me but being the brightest thing out there i felt kind of sheepish doing that. i had to sip a few more of the contents of my bottle before i broke out that third strand...

    battery's in the bottle cage, btw and sadly the lights came from a chain.. the wallgreens on 4th and townsend already had them on sale for $5 each at this point. you can betcha i'm saving them for next year.

  2. ... also, many thanks to Edgar in assisting with the other end of the strand.

  3. volker/ edgar was so cool about it. u'd think he is a bike limbo specialist LOL - more projects like these in 2010 pretty please :D

    D/ silly fun boys ;-)


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