Monday, December 28, 2009

Blinkie bells, blinkie bells.

Bikes y lights everywhere.
Bikes y lights everywhere.
The Annual Xmas Bike ride was the Sunday Dec. 20th. It was a rainy evening, but that didn't stop us all from joining the traditional and unknown route ride. Changes every year. Ridership almost felt as if it doubled from the ride last year, and it was tremendous fun. The residential holiday lights combined with people's spirit on wheels is a craft of beauty. One of those gatherings that you get to hang out with your peeps, new ones, get to show (don't we always?) your inner holiday end of year kid-like spirit when we stop at some amazingly lit decked-out houses and when you least realize, you have gone 10 miles, a few hills and a number of districts throughout the city.
Statue start.
Statue start. Ride meets every year at the Panhandle statue on Baker st.
Official SF tree
Official SF tree.
The ride this year went from the panhandle, out to the Inner Sunset onto the Outer Sunset via 20th or 22nd (I forget, it was the few minutes that it was kinda rainy) then we went on to Parkside, rode around the circles in St. Francis wood. Yelled at Adrienne from the bikey lane from the vicinity of Monterrey Blvd. We rode up and around Glen Park, downhill to Noe Valley and then did a Limbo bike dance on Lexington.
There is no official website or anything for this, just stay tuned in December when the organizer Robyn – she does a great job of pulling this together every year– posts the date in the Bike Coalition's Chain of events page. Yay.

*guesstimation of turns, but quite accurate...
Jacket on. Jacket off.
This year was a needles-ride. The rain was never really intense or much present at all, but was a sufficient effect as what I'd like to call the needle-effect on your face. It is really great. Doesn't get you drenched, doesn't let you arrive very dry, and gives your skin a few raining needles on your face.
For those of us riding like turtles in the back of the bus, there was Nancy. She did a great job at sweeping or letting us know where the group turned. Here she is, sporting an awesome belt made out of reflective pieces wrapped around her white coat. Very cool.
Reflect urself.
Reflect yourself.
After we rode up and down Lexington street in the Mission, we rode on 18th, rode a little bit on the east side of the Castro and caught the down side of the Wigglelands to end the ride at Duboce park. 14 miles really?! that was a ton of wheeeeeee-milage.
on 18th
on 18th.
Thanks to all the peeps that brought soup, delish cheese, crackers and some sweet baked goodies for the end of the ride. And Calitexican's special filtered-water bottle. Yeah.
Super super fun everybody.
After snacking, we ended the night getting some late night Sunday pizza in the lower haight. After all our city is only 7 miles square, we pretty much covered every other district. And our bikes became happy raindeers with wheels.
queso, crackers, even some zuppa. yummmz
See you all again next year!!
-Much love et Brie. ♥m


  1. i have to give credit where credit is was master volker's lovely bottle of distilled and deliciously spicy amber water. i think (& please correct me if i am wrong) it was times 3? or those three water bottle cages were busy doing other things? i didn't quite catch that. must have been the water speaking ;)

  2. Oh what fun it is to ride...Your holiday ride sounds fabulous--just like you! Hope you are having a wonderful post-Christmas time!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. ctx/ good times indeed.

    maryJo/ thanks as always luv!! xoXO-meli


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