Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bicycles and trees, lunchtime and picnic.

Bike picnic machine
Now you see Humboldt Fog Cheese, Spinach salad, baguette, various berries, yummy hummus. Now you dont.
There was yummy food. Gone
There was yummy food. Gone
Fuel stop
Fuel stop.
When was the last time you took a bicycle and strolled around out of your workplace and on to its surrounding neighborhoods? Time out for food, time out to stretch the brain and get back to nature, air, trees and the elements. Purposely forget your gadgets on your desk, pack your lunch and bring a friend. Bring a date. Bring a book. /♥m


  1. I've been thinking about throwing my bike in my work truck and riding when and where I stop for lunch. You've inspired me to do it.

  2. I haven't ridden my bike in months *shame on me*. I try to browse as quickly as i can in my google reader to avoid amazing shots. your comment today confirmed i need to get my vintage schwinn out again. let the good times roll!!

  3. Ah, you've inspired me to rescue my bike back from my boyfriends house. Our bike world in Las Vegas is small but growing. I really want to start riding mine to work if I wasn't afraid of getting run over here : /

    So I just wanted to say I went through some of your older posts, I really love your blog, I'm subscribing to its feed!

  4. i spy someone did not leave iphoneyz at their desk. ;) you can unplug, just make it portable plz. kthxbai.

  5. calitexican: hey, the phone was only taken out to see if we had ample time to lay on the grass and get coffee. Which we did. :)

  6. haha. if you say so ;) i jk. per usual.

  7. rat trap/ im happy! thx-that is wonderful to hear <3

    calitexican/ yes yes muchas pics

    Diana/ oh thanks so much for your lovely note, it is always a pleasure to hear from you ;-)
    -let me know how the xchwinn outing goes k?!

    Eli/ oh vegas?! very cool, I have come very few posts about it, please keep the momentum going, even if you are riding alone others will follow soon!!
    &thx for your sweet comments, stay in touch :D


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