Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A coveted Sunday.

Apple cider, capp, Frenchie
Apple cider, capp, Frenchie
2 Sundays ago, I got to meet Jennine during her holiday visit to the Bay Area. Her blog The Coveted, was actually the first local blog I began to follow in mid-2007. She once asked me, when will you start your own bikey blog? oh, right. and I did.
Her posts are focused on fashion, designers and the culture around fashion and blogging. Amongst other things are her daily and beauty tips from Sonja, her blog beauty correspondent. I started reading her blog because I related closely to many of the fashion questions, issues and topics that are still brought up throughout her blog and links. She also founded Independent Fashion Bloggers. Cool stuff.
Now her blog is based out of Chicago in the states, before that was Germany, and before that SF. When she visited, we enjoyed some time to chat over a cup of coffee and hot cider at Farn:Table on Post st.

It was lovely hanging out with you Jennine. :)
This picture is super outta focus, but I dig it. It had just started to rain, freaky-flash incident of nature.
Jennine et moi
Jennine et moi
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Read her visit back to San Francisco over the holidays here:
The Coveted | San Francisco Treats »


  1. photo 1 is super nice...the swirls ... wow!

    photo 3 is very nice also!

    peace :)

  2. Oh, she inspired you to start your blog?? Wow cool!

    I've research the Independent Fashion Bloggers for bikey stuff, and of course, found Jennine's blog The Coveted.

    Started a Cycle Chic group on IFB to spread the bike-love: http://heartifb.com/members/pg/groups/116884/cycle-chic/

  3. thanks chandra :DDD

    christa/ that's super!!, yea IFB is awesome, ill join in a sec


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