Sunday, January 13, 2013

201three for the weekend.

Hola, it's Meli.
Happy new year.
Hope you are well, and enjoying the first few days of 2013.
The weather in the Bay Area is currently 36°F as I type this, early Sunday morning.
I had a chance to take some fotos yesterday with the Lumix/LX5 yesterday, here are 3 SOOTC [straight out of the camera].

Papel picado y chandeliers.
luz y fotos
El huarache loco, Larkspur landing.
Weekend cafecito
Weekend cafecito at Wrecking ball cafe, inside Firehouse 8.

Grateful for all your kind words+wishes throughout the holiday/end of year season.
More updates, writings y fotos in the near future.


  1. Hola, and happy new year to you,too,MG. These photos look even superber on my spiffy new iMac. Keep em coming through out the year.



    1. thanks as always Ian, that's exciting you have a new imac :) wooo
      wish you the best in rides +fotos this year all the way to australia --xxom

  2. Tubb Lake, is very close to Larkspur Landing and has a special history, It is still there. It is a perfect place. Mt tam is reflected in it's pond. Flamenco, drum circles, poetry and it was supported by pottery, the peoples plate funded by kiln openings. David Morris leased the land for $100 a month from a Swedish Contessa in the 60's, It lasted till the late nineties
    Nico was my friend in High School. his place was our hang out. it is STILL THERE!

    1. I miss hearing about your rad stories so much, especially in Marin and Baja. Those stomping grounds of yours, all wicked fun stories, hope to see ya soon gary xxo


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