Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fotodiary few #1

(formerly) grateful

To wrap up the first month of the year, I thought I'd share a few photos taken throughout January.
It has been pleasant to go places, some new but mostly familiar faces.

Friends, pals, colleagues. 
Come and go. We grow.
They move. They return. 
They are pregnant. 
We catch up, 
and we are right were we left off.
Life is a fragile circle.

- - -
All taken with the LX5 in San Francisco. 
SOOTC (Straight out of the camera), the majority in manual mode.
Hope you enjoy the short fotodiary 2013 sets. 

lush lounge
Hanging out with GWSFers. Lush lounge, on Polk street.

Embarcadero center in 49er colors
Embarcadero center in 49er colors.

The Great Seal of the State of California
The Great Golden State. Go warriors! This is in the upstairs floor hall area inside the Ferry building.

Keith, from Wrecking ball coffee at Firehouse 8.

Linden. Blue bottle coffee, weekend edition.

The 24Muni and the beautiful Castro theater.

Inside San Francisco's City Hall:
Wooden victorian
- - -

Night nails
North beach.
Little city meats
"A Brit bike lost in an Italian Deli" -Eric M.
The bike is a good looking red Harry Quinn, has a sign indicating "make offer"...
Eh oh.


  1. There's something perfect about that Ravioli photo with the bicycle. luvit.

    1. thx JRA! so cool, I get withdrawals if I dont walk by little city meats at least a few times a month.. ;))


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