Monday, March 4, 2013

Mucha música Monday

Afropop in Mexico: Keepers of the Chilena
When I was in middle school I found out that in the Gulf of Mexico and the Veracruz region, radio signals were best received from Cuba, than from Mexico City (Sierra Madre Oriental interfering with the signals) and back then – sadly still now, not much is known or widely spoken about the Afro-Mexican culture. I am super glad that thanks to the internet +documentaries, that seems to be slowly changing. It will be a very very long way until mainstream media in Mexico vastly recognizes people of indigenous/afro +darker skin color.

Io Echo: When the Lilies Die
Didn't get to check this British band in SF's NoisePop as it sold-out(!), but I'm liking their sound.

Humans since 1982: A million times
Interesting kinetic work/installation.

Massive Attack: Teardrop (Vegetarian..)
When veggies +cables unite.
/via thestrut

Miss Kittin: Bassline
This French DJ is nothing new to the tech sounds, but Miss Kittin is releasing a new album soon so a new video has hit the music internets and I like it. I like its roadtrip subliminal message directed to my ears...

YADi: The Blow
Have you heard of her? She is based in London and her roots are Algeria, Norwegian & Italian.
This video has a tad of a linear similarity to Best Coast's "Our Deal."

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