Monday, March 11, 2013

Mucha música Monday

Föllakzoid: Trees
Got to see these guys during the SF NoisePop festival at the Hemlock & loved them. They opened for the Psychic Ills (New York), they are from Chile +super nice sound; promising band.

Laura Mvula: Green Garden
I found this video via Mark in the UK and loved it. 
Laura is a British soul singer-songwriter from Birmingham +her debut album “Sing to the Moon” came out this week. I think she'll become a big star, I like her already:

A Million Billion Dying Suns: Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II
Trippy psych video found via TheBayBridged.

K E E F 
Yes! The Rolling Stones: Thru and Thru (Live at MSG, NYC)


  1. Darn, only one track of Mvula's on Spotify. Will be checking back for the new album. Thanks, Meli!

    1. alex: oh, maybe more will be available once the record drops, +you are welcome :)


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