Friday, April 24, 2009

Cougarettes, tiggers and bikes oh my.

You be my Canadian boy. Canadian boy.
Cougar run - Augies BDAY - cyclecide - and about 50/60 bikes- to see performances by The Brakes from Canada and our very own local, The Derailleurs, which got cut short by some kind of park power rangers (literally, they'd turn the power out). Ended at Bender's for a beer. Call it a Wednesday night.

Tennis courts at Dolores Park.

Blinged out floor sightings.

Sitting Pretty

The Derailleurs. /21st and Folsom.


  1. Great photos :) Love the blue --

  2. So I found this picture of me on your blog from october. It was from when I came to visit San Francisco before I moved here and I was wondering how you got a hold of it or if you took it yourself how you were able to snap it in time.
    P.S. I'm the guy in the purple shirt.
    P.P.S. Click on my name to see my facebook.

  3. greenLAgirl/ they are tons of fun, too bad they weren't allowed to do their whole show (park closed strictly at 10!)
    ♥Thanks for stopping by!!

    Joey/ very cool. Yes thanks so much for dropping me a line ;)
    All the pictures in this blog are taken by me and/or with my camera, unless otherwise noted (like an news article, guest photo or with love from post.)

    I took those pictures while me+my peeps were having breakfast at Kate's. I had the chance to take it because it was a VERY rare occasion with no parked cars on the street, and you guys were pretty cool riding up and down the street a few times. That might have been the last round you did when I captured you. Cheers

  4. Todas las cosas que se pueden llegar ha hacer con bicicletas!

    Muchos saludos! :D

  5. Me encantan los pantalones de cebra! en h&m los habia pero se agotaron!

  6. francisca/ Gracias! son tan divertidas ;D

    rebeca/ me encantan -si los encuentras te tomas muchas fotos!!

  7. Bmx bikes and cool open minded girls to bmx bikes. COOL.
    Hoopty Bmx's too =s awesome.
    Click to see the latest Hoopty bikes promo.

  8. yes! aren't they awesome! you gotta check out one of their performances soon ;)


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