Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From my elbow to yours

-De La Caffeinated-
Happy Wednesday, again. I'll probably be drinking a whole french-press pot a to myself before 8AM today. Thought I'd like to share my latest half-pound of heaven. Throughout this blog I have probably posted a gazillion of coffee shops and my caffeine addiction is well known. We are very lucky here in the Bay Area to have access to wonderful local coffee companies and I can't say that enough. I found out about De La Paz by randomly walking into a local market about 2 years ago. It can now be found in many local coffee shops, including (above) Trouble's Elbow Grease. Yum.
Did I mention they do all their deliveries by bicycle?! Good thing I haven't cross paths with the delivery coffee bike because, the cargo will be going in my basket. OKAY, don't say I didn't warn you De La Paz!!! xo/meligrosa


  1. Hola! meligrosa....

    me llamó la atención tu pulsera, es una cadena de bicicleta!

    jaja, está genial!

    Saludos desde acá para allá.

  2. I like the printing on the bag. Cool cargo bike.

  3. Heh - I can see the delivery guy biking along near you unawares and then GGRRRR-ROWMP & he doesn't what hit him! Only dazed and confused, sitting on the pavement with an empty bike!


  4. Nah. She would charm him with that cute smile and those smokin' eyes into giving her the whole damn bike load : )

  5. Hey! I met the de la paz guy a while back and tried the coffee -- yum! Unfortunately the bike delivery doesn't extend down to L.A. :P

  6. i love the label on the bag... i just might have to surprise the boo with it. creo que he needs to mix it up a bit from the nayarita y chiapas blends. knowhahmsayin?

  7. Francisca/ hola, si gracias. He puesto la foto reciente de las manos, espero te guste :)

    Rat Trap Press/ Isn't it?! Their simple packaging is pretty cool.

    Amandeep/ Oh my, for some reason I do see that happening.... mmmh

    Adrienne/ haaa-I'm craaaaacking up
    Oh oh. I think you're starting to know me better!! If my bike held any weight, I might take him along for a ride too :D

    greenLAgirl/ wow, awesome! that'd be pretty cool though! maybe take a load with the AIDS ride? oh what a trek that would be -

    calitexican/ that'd be so sweet!
    Im sure he'll like it ;) I'd be so thrilled.


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