Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Things and Thoughts

Last week, I received a lovely surprise of goodies from the fashionable hands of Mary Jo from Trust your Style. She has been a reader and follower of this little blog since the early days! This cute little bag holds a few of my everyday things that tend to hide at the bottom of my purse. This will be a nice option for going without one sometimes. The linen or cotton material feel very nice and I love the illustration. Pretty cool.
Thanks Mary Jo!!

What would I do without my allen tool (phillips screw included) and lipstick?!

I was very happy to run into my homeboy Jose. (we are overdue for a bici coffee ride, eh!?) He handed me this at the end of the night. Maybe it's because I'm riding big hills with big heels? haa just kidding. Sweet. I like redish-pink and blue together. You can check out his thing over at Viva La Bici.


And this is from a sweet man in a shoe repair place in the Sunset. We started talking about bikes, cats and shoes. He had this super old school poster I fell in love with but would never dare to ask for it, but he handed me this as a souvenir. He said he always tosses them. What a gem. Looks like my ♥velcro.



  1. Oh you look so cute in your headband with new bag! You're the best!


  2. MaryJo/ ♥!!

    Francisca/ somos muy internacionales por aqui :D el amor de la bici es global!

  3. so cute!!! ^_^ you look beautiful

  4. That's a GREAT photo of you! Looove that headband.
    Thanks for the shout out on your post about the helmet cover ♥♥

  5. that soma tool is sweet, they seem to make a lot of cool stuff. i like the tool/lipstick combo :)

  6. bobble bee/ ♥!!

    RidingPretty/ oh thanks so much ;) Isnt the headband groovy?! It feel so retro cool

    Q./ thanx! yea my favorite product from theirs is the mug-holder mounts for the bikes. sweet sweet stuff


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