Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday: Flying Cement Skulls

Bikes will take you where cars won't (at least not yet). This is in the Mission Bay area.


  1. I've been meaning to say that your photography has really improved. You've thrown out some seriously good SF shots lately. Missing home...

    Happy Friday!

  2. Great photo(s)! Very atmospheric, especially with the bright grass behind on the sides. Have a good weekend--and bike some for me, okay?

  3. Wow -
    Great shot(s) and composition.

    I agree with Sigrid your shots are getting better.
    Second time recently where your photo skills are of
    special note as I mentioned that a few days back.

    Love the awesome skull stencil.

    - man

  4. D!/ thanks!

    Sigrid/ Your lovely compliments are much appreciated! ♥hugs from the city

    MaryJo/ yeah, that grass sneaked in out of nowhere! Will do ;)

    Man/ thanks again. Im glad you enjoy them!


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