Sunday, November 23, 2008

4barrel bike

Lovely green Schwinn

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  1. i believe that is a dyno, not a schwinn *scuttles away*

  2. oh yeah —perhaps ;/
    the owner, when I chatted with her kept referring it as her Schwinn. mmmh... Will probably see her again soon -

  3. Oh I used to have a dark green schwinn with a front basket and 2 back ones--I loved! It got stolen in Berkeley, which was such a drag, but this reminds me of how fun it was!

  4. Check out this beautiful Schwinn:

    Does that bring a grin to your face or what?

  5. MaryJo/ Sounds like it was a sweet ride, most of Berkeley is so nice and flat, too bad it got stolen.

    Alison/ that IS a bling ride!!


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