Monday, November 24, 2008

Chocolates & the city

I might be the only person that does not like chocolate. At all. Rarely I give it a shot, without a doubt when there is coffee in the mix. Had a chance this weekend to check out TCHO on Embarcadero, lady informed me that the factory (?) was next door, not sure she was on the phone kind of, so I just browsed around. Cute little place (tiny!!) with many possible little gifts and blue bottle coffee while you decide. Lovely. TCHO Pier 17, San Francisco.

I'm in no means a chocolate expert at all, but SF has lots choco love. ‹Some ran privately, some partially owned by bigger names - I'm uncertain how the biz rolls & most definetely, do not intend to compare one to another› but here is a small list of what quickly comes to mind, or/and I've gifted from time to time ;)
CocoaBella The times that I have been there, their espresso drinks are very-strong goodiness.
Poco Dolce / Recchiuti / Charles Chocolate / Guittard Chocolate Company /
The San Francisco Chocolate Factory / Scharffen Berger / Ghirardelli /


  1. I'm actually not a big fan of chocolate or sweet stuff in general. But a nice shot of coffee can make a big difference.


  2. Oh man, I absolutely LOVE chocolate of all kinds. I might check this place out on my next visit to The City.

  3. Well, we agree again.

    I have never liked chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake. Not even when I was a kid.


  4. What is your favorite place for coffee?

  5. Wow I always thought I was the only person on earth who didn't like chocolate.

    The statistician in me wants to design a research project

    r = cyclist don't like chocolate
    r <> cyclists like chocolate

  6. yokota/ that'd be nice!

    lavanna/ yes! I knew I wasn't the only one, my girlfriends make me feel like so :P
    though I loved m&m's a kid...

    rat trap/ Oh man that is a huge answer. Well rite now, for the coffee would be Four Barrel, Philz, Blue bottle and Martha Brothers. But then I have more places, I could go on for hours, for specific reasons (quiet place to read, meet friends, outside patio, comfy couch) - you get the idea :)

    D!/ yes a coffee shot is always an incentive!
    stats? im game. that'd be a sweet project.

  7. If it's dark chocolate, then count me in, I really never had the taste buds for it. But if it's milk or white, then I'm one of those so-called choco-lovers hehehe...

    Browsing for interesting blogs to read led me to your doorstep. SF is one of my dream cities, and for four years of undergrad, I got to be around the vicinity. Unfortunately, I ended up moving back to So Cal, your blog brings me back to some of these places, and Im looking forward to the others :-)

  8. will you be my coffee guide next time i'm in sanfran? :)

  9. jargon/ ha! white chocolate, I almost forgot all about that one. Thanks for your nice comment, Im glad you enjoy it ;)

    C_C/ yeah, of course!!

  10. I feel like we could start a group here - I too do not care for chocolate.
    The exceptions:
    XOX in North Beach (GREAT for gifts!)
    Belgium - come on, how could you not?
    Flourless chocolate cake at Hyde Street Bistro ca. 2003

    Coffee? I agree with you there too! Martha's was my constant fave.

    PS Maybe you have said, but what kind of bike do you ride? It is muy cute!

  11. sigrid/ oh those are all good spots! it always makes a difference when the packaging and the place is super cute, like this tiny TCHO gem.
    I gotta check some of your recommendations soon, as many of my friends are chocolate lovers. Martha, yea - talk about getting wired fast.

    my bike is an astra, motobecane from the 70s. I dont have super accurate info on it, but will do a post about it soon ;)


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