Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's the little things

This post, is to say thanks for a little freebie I scored a few weeks ago. This small - super cute bag, was a giveaway by the green brains behind green LA girl. It arrived in, of course, in a re-purposed envelope. Awesome!
It's a pretty cool bag Act2 GreenSmart made out of old plastic bottles and has many practical pockets. I carry an extra tube, multi-tool, IDs & lipstick when I don't feel like taking a purse. Sling it across & stick a secondary rear blinky because it gets dark VERY early.
I've also used it to stash my bike holiday lights-set that go on my basket (pics to come soon). So functional. ♼Thanks Siel!

Few weeks ago.

Morning one hour, sunset the next. (feels like it)

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