Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mi blog had a ♥Lovechild.

mine <3
Mi blog and Scallywags had a lovechild. This *awesome* mug, the Coffee Brake and I are meant to be. And yes, that IS a brake lever. RAD.
So here it is.
y ♥Gracias Benjo for the coffee dose included with this. Delish!!

IMG_0448 IMG_0444
Bikes+Coffee. My religion.

coffee corner

Hellsss yes here is the info, you coffee brake copykat!!
and you better share pictures if you do =)

disclaimer. This post was not requested to be published by the aforementioned company neither was me, the blogger, asked nor paid to blog a post about this in any commercial way.


  1. Aww I have that mug! I won it at a bike race in Huntsville. Yay cross country bike friends drinking coffee out of bikey mugs!

    BTW if you ever get it filled at a coffee shop, warn them of the tipsyness that is due to the lever handle. I speak from experience, but thankfully(?) it was just stinky remnant dregs that spilled on his shoes rather than piping hot fresh coffee!

  2. Omg! I want it. I will come there and get it.

  3. Wowowowowow! I saw that mug and had to buy it right away...so I did. What a great find! Gracias, Meli!

  4. anna/ aaaaah so badass!! thx for the tip, so far no spills... but one guy Melvin, shows it off to *everybody* before handing it back to me. I just gotta make sure I never go there on tight time, because it could take a while LOL
    +hells yes for stains gurl! xxo

    beany/ hearts!!

    bc/ ubetter share pics babe!!

  5. another mug bought after seeing it here...

    i wonder if its the first one headed for england?

    ta for the tip.

  6. woaaa placid so rad. :D
    nice to see you drop by as always!!

  7. Yay mine arrived in sunny Lancashire today - can't wait to get it filled tomorrow mmm


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