Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good morning, sunshine.

signs of the future
While everyone goes ballistic over the hot summer days, I still love the mid50° foggy summer days. I mostly stand alone but that is fine. As long as I have my coffee, the weather truly could be whatever it wants.

good morning sunshine
These snaps are from sometime last week.

On this morning
I yelled 'HOLA' to my buddy that hoses down the bar big plastic mats, which was funny because I was at that bar, the night before with my girlfriend for an evening drink.
He said 'hola, chica' without even looking at me. He knows the bike bell.

I chatted with an older beautiful man reading the paper. He said that I could have one of the sections so I could catch on local events. The photography quality was fascinating, he said.
I thought that was sweet. He was wearing the most pristine crisp white linen shirt. What attention to detail I thought, I was for once too slow to ask him to take his picture, I'm sure if it was post-coffee, I would have no troubles asking him so.
At your feet
Oh look, money grows on cement.
I'm spacing out sippin' my coffee made by the all-women-staff this morning. Blue bottle, I love your boys-staff, but all the gals in the AM sometimes is just a plain awesome energy boost =)
Right about then, this sweet guy rolls up on his bike and greets everyone good morning. Nice. We chat a bit over bikes and how this morning has been. Nice.
boy +his bike. linden +frenchie
boy +his bike. linden +frenchie
I head to work and I get greeted by a lovely young woman. She reads my blog and that makes me my morning. ♥ She is based out of Hayes Valley and it's pretty cool she says hello, being that is a few minutes after 8AM, I'm still a little space cadet myself.

Off I go to work, and off goes last week.
Good early bird times, San Francisco. Don;t turn the fog machine off please.


  1. Beautiful. That's what I love about biking...the ability to actually interact with the people/world around you!

  2. it makes my morning every day :D


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