Friday, August 27, 2010

End of week roundup: Monday weird eats

While waiting to be seated inside Weird Fish the other day, there was a whipper-snapper with skinny ass jeans and a trendy messenger bag, and he walked right in front of me straight to the back, wrote down his name +his party of 3. I though maybe he was getting food to go.

Shortly after, I asked the waitress if there was a waiting list, I also mentioned I had been standing there for about 5-10 minutes (this place is tiny), and thought it was weird no one had acknowledged me but, assumed they were just busy.
She said something like:
"Our PROTOCOL is not to sit people down, we have no hostess, so you walk yourself up and the list is up there." Signaling towards the back of the restaurant and with tremendous sass and highly-annoyed energy.
"Oh I see" I said.
Given that many times before, they have taken my name, phone number included, just in case I wanderlusted around the sidewalk. And I have enjoyed this place plenty, and many times before. I don't judge upon one poorly mannered staf member, so on with the evening.

Easy. I'll just take my business somewhere else.
No big deal, really.

So instead, my dinner partner and I went to La Oaxaqueña, where I can shoot the shit, no waiting lists required, talk to all of the staff, and even get some music from these well mannered gents, on the house, upon whatever I request because I know the lyrics to all of the songs they are playing. Now that is a PROTOCOL.

¿Cuál quieres, guapa?
¿Cuál quieres, guapa?

Music, Beans and Oaxacan cheese over some wannabe-fancy-mean waitress?

3 sopes
that was 3 sopes.
Later that night, we ran into a bit more of a larger-scale, real weird fish in Potrero Hill.
Always a big sign that burning man is around the corner =)
finding burning man
finding burning man
big fish
big fish
See why biking is good for you??!!!? - just look at those killer legs.
You go girlsssss

Monday, August 23rd
Weather: 85°
Time: 12:30AM.


  1. La Oaxaqueña, I love places like that. I'll take a mom and pop Mexican food joint over some trendy restaraunt any day.

  2. Meli,
    Good call on the restaurant switch. Oaxaquena
    looks awesome!
    Is La Rondia still in the mission ? We used to love
    that place for late night fun food.
    Jon C

    Does anyone else make up fun meanings for
    the word verifications ?

  3. Nobody likes snotty waitstaff. It's enough to make me not want to go there... ever.

  4. Before I even read the caption for the last photo, I thought to myself, "DAYUM! I am getting out to ride more cause those bellas got some nice pins. I want some for myself!" :D

    You make riding fun and I always enjoy reading about your cycling exploits.

  5. It's that "new Mission" attitude, dontcha just love it? You did much, much better at La Oaxaqueña, Meli!

  6. Hey girl, good moves.Too many snotty noses around these days.I recently went to Ausbike Trade Show and had the same sort of attitude from a mid 30's gent (I'm 60) when asking about converting my gear clusters on my mountain bike to a more touring range with Shimano clusters.First thought, "if this is how one Shimano rep treats me , what does that say for the company as a whole".Man I would have liked to hear those dudes play, they look so real.

  7. ratTrap/ as much as I wanna vary my food experiences sometimes i dont understand the young rde culture, and *I am* that demographic. blegh - i have no patience for that

    jon/ oh you know that place has been closed now for quite awhile, it is kinda boarded up, so Im not sure what will happen. it was such a cool bar :D

    harry/ yea it's lame to hear a tonality in the rude sense, rather than some normal unpretentious "hi, watsup can i help you" i guess it is cool to use bigger words or something….

    bike» oh many thanks

    bleeegh, I really dont like it ;-) it has never fitted well with me. im too vocal and sassy for those rude kids

    llewellyn/ yea right!? like it is so hard to be nice, dont they know life is too short to be unhappy n rude. we got bikes to ride :D
    those guys are pretty cool, i didnt take video, but maybe one day I will.
    greetings bike tourist! xxo.m

  8. I swore I would never go there again after ordering Declan an adult sized lunch (no small things for kids there 'cause hipsters don;t have children just strollers and baby carriers) and they refused to wrap up the leftovers for me to take home because "we don't believe in that".

    I guess they don't believe in my money, either. Pbbbbt!

  9. Thanks for the reminders about what's great about our 'hood. Good to keep in mind.

  10. ade/ yea, I guess we missed that memo...

    ariel/ :-D


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