Thursday, January 27, 2011

Women, the webs, and even some WTFs

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Julie lost her wallet, which was used at Walgreens near where she potentially lost it. Read how she fights an unfortunate event, with positive energy:

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The local blue dancing bici queens, The Bay Area Derailleurs, San Francisco's bike dance team, have a new video out:
"San Francisco's bike dance team is requesting support to continue the eco-arts revolution. There are plans for a US and world tour with bike dance teams around the world to spread the bike fun and strengthen community around sustainable transportation." Read more: here

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Speaking of badassery, Women join the circus, on wheels. ohdaaaang.
tip hat to Brian. via jezebel

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The Claremont cyclist thinks he spotted me riding down south =)
I do turn into giant skulss from time to time...

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My girl Emily of the San Franista, reviews the book Velo and features an interview with from Mission Bicycle here in SF.
Read the article here:
Photo via

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My amiga Diana, loves this sweater from modcloth. So cute!
"I like bike sweater"via…

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One of my top, favorite bloggie friends Jennine of The Coveted, pretty much had her blogging identity 'duplicated' into this new site, under the same exact name, which claims to be "the selby for closets."

I think it is rather a cheap-shot being that her blog of 4+ years has earned a very good reputation around the web.
Do you think they intentionally want to mis-direct her readers?! What are your thoughts upon scenarios like this?
There is only one The Coveted, and in the internet/fashion/blogging community, we know which one it is.
Jennine is well known and well loved, and it is always LOVELY to catch her whenever she comes back to town (in 2009, in 2010).
There is an article which recently presented the situation, read furthermore about it:


  1. Ha, ha. Thanks, but I don't think I could possibly mistake that calavera del cicLAvia for you. As cool as it is, or was, to see rolling down the street, it is no where near as stylish. Cheers!

  2. That's so crappy what's happening with The Coveted rip off. Now that I think of it, when Trisha and I were brainstorming blog names, one that we thought of was "Bikes and the City." Of course, we googled the name and when your blog came up, we immediately tossed out that idea - and became huge fans of your awesome site. :)

  3. michael/he hee <333

    dottie/ oh is that so, what a trip! =D
    very sweet to hear that for sure <33
    I think it has worked very beautifully now with us lady bloggers eh ;-)


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